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Marvel Feature #11: Review

Sep 1973
Len Wein, Jim Starlin

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Cry, Monster

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5 stars

Marvel Feature #11 Review by (February 15, 2010)
The tryout for MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE, the Things team-up title. The only appearance of Kurrgo after his introduction in FANTASTIC FOUR 7 (and no one missed him).


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Marvel Feature #11 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Frustrated by the prospect of another scheme by Mr. Fantastic to cure him, the Thing is unaware that he is being watched by an old nemesis, Kurrgo, Master of Planet X. Kurrgo has captured the paralyzed Leader and they agree to settle their dispute with a fight between their chosen champions: Thing and Hulk. Things is snatched from home and dropped into a western ghost town by the Leader, who persuades Thing to battle the Hulk by revealing a bomb set to destroy Earth in thirty minutes if he doesn't comply. Hulk appears and the two titans fight, with the Thing holding his own (thanks to strength enhancement by Kurrgo). Things search for the bomb is complicated by the fact that the enraged Hulk does not comprehend the situation. Thing locates the bomb and discovers its a fake. The opponents are taken into Kurrgos ship via a tractor beam. When the Leader discovers Kurrgos cheating, he declares himself the winner. An angry Kurrgo orders his robot to destroy the heroes but they just punch him across the room damaging the ship. As the ship is about to explode, Hulk and Thing escape to the ground leaving the villains behind to their fate. Hulk leaps away into the distance and Thing has a looong walk home.

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Jim Starlin
Joe Sinnott


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