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Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #11: Review

Mar 1985
Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck

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...And Dust to Dust!

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3 stars

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #11 Review by (July 26, 2011)
Molecule Man learns that his inability to affect organic molecules was just a mental block. As I mentioned in Avengers #215 this plotpoint is confused by the fact that he got rid of the limitation once before in Marvel Two-In-One #1.

The suburb of Denver is where Spider-Woman came from as well as Titania and Volcana. But when MM takes it back to Earth SpW is left on Battleworld with the heroes.

SpW's web is made of psionic energy.

Colossus leaves Zsaji to join the council of heroes. Captain America isn't sure whether it is best to fight Dr Doom now or not. He needs a unanimous vote 'yes' to go ahead. But warns them that the very act of deciding may cause omniscient Doom to destroy them. Colossus is the last to agree because of the love he has found with Zsaji. But when he joins the rest Doom does zap them.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #11 Review by (July 26, 2011)
Comments: Kang appears (briefly) for the first time since issue #4. Explanations: Iron Man is Jim Rhodes, Hulk has Bruce Banner’s mind, Professor X can walk.

Review: Full review appears with issue #1.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #11 Review by (July 26, 2011)
Chronological analysis of Kang's appearances is complicated by a) his time-travelling, but also b) his multiple alternates. Noticeably in a backup story in Fantastic Four Annual #25 Kang says he didn't die when Ultron zapped him in #4, the implication being that he transferred his mind to a clone as he has done other times. More significantly he doesn't mention his resurrection this issue nor his app in Secret Wars II #7.

This suggests to me that when Doom resurrects Kang here he creates another alternate. This Kang then goes on to try to get revenge in SW II#7.
Meanwhile the Kang in #4 becomes involved in the Council of Kangs in Av#267-269.

Galactus next gets sidetracked into the 1985 mini-series, as do many other combatants. After that he'll start a run of apps in Silver Surfer which will be the 1st to fully define the Elders of the Universe.

The other villains will still be around next issue but I'll describe their immediate futures here.

Somehow despite being blasted by Enchantress next issue Lizard survives as Curt Connors and says he no longer has the Lizard in him. He is brought home by Spider-Man in Amazing SM #252, and despite what he claimed he'll soon be Lizarding again.. And Dr Octopus is called in to help with Sue Richards difficult pregnancy in FF#267-268. (Despite Molecule Man taking the villains back to Earth as a group, Ock somehow winds up back in (psychiatric) prison again before the FF issues.)
Meanwhile the energies expended at the end of this series cause a connection to *our* universe (or 1 like it) in the 1985 mini-series. Most of the villains (including Doc Ock and Lizard (yes, that soon) but without Enchantress, Molecule Man, Titania and Volcana) get sucked in.

In the next swathe of apps:- Enchantress goes her own way back to the Thor series to help defend Asgard against Surtur, which gets her back in Odin's good graces. Ock goes back to harassing Spidey in Web of SM #4-5. Still on Battleworld, Thing has Ultron-11's head, but in Thing #21-22 the robot gets itself rebuilt only to get reduced to a head again. Ben brings the head back to Earth in FF#277, and Ultron rebuilds himself again in a flashback in West Coast Av #7.

Then we're within Secret Wars II:- Molecule Man and Volcana appear throughout. At the end of FF#288 Dr Doom returns from the time trip the Beyonder sent him on to this Secret Wars I. (He must have visited 1985 on the way back.) The Marvel Chronology Project then slips the Emperor Doom GN in for Doom and Ultron (presumably -11). And busy Ultron then appears as Ultron-12 in WCA#1-7 where he becomes an ally of the team, until he fights Ultron-11 and they are both destroyed. And then in SW II#7 many of the SW I villains (Absorbing man, Dr Doom, Dr Octopus, Titania, Ultron and Wrecker plus Kang as mentioned earlier) are persuaded by Mephisto to attack Beyonder.

Just to catch up with the villains who haven't appeared since the 1985 series:- The Wrecking Crew rejoin Wrecker in a tale involving the new Spider-Woman in Spectacular SM #125. Curt Connors is in control of the Lizard in SSM#127, probably part of Beyonder's wish-fulfilment promise. But he wasn't in control in the 1985 series, and this situation won't last long. Plus Klaw resurfaces in Daredevil #237.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #11 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Doctor Doom unmasks before the heroes to reveal his face is now unscarred. The villains watch from a distance, confused. Molecule Man works himself into a lather over Doom’s apparent betrayal of them and uses his powers to strand the heroes atop a mountain while he confronts the "traitor." As Molecule Man launches into a tirade, Doom removes the mental block of fear and self-doubt from his antagonist, allowing MM to understand and accept the power he has been given. Molecule Man returns to the villains and announces his plans to lead them. They start by returning to Volcana’s apartment in the Denver suburb which has been trapped on Battleworld. After some discussion they decide to go home to Earth. Molecule Man then encloses the city in a protective dome and launches it through space toward its destination….

That night at the heroes’ base, Colossus leaves quietly to find Zsaji and confess his love for her. At the same time, a small burst of energy enters the building and possesses the sleeping Hulk, causing him to walk the halls toward a mysterious goal. Spider-Woman spies him and, realizing something is wrong, stops him with the webbing. The interloper transfers itself to her and sends her to the lab where she locates Klaw’s disembodied head. Suddenly a flash of light overwhelms her…. Her scream awakens the other heroes who come on the run. Spider-Woman explains that Doctor Doom restored Captain Marvel, reassembled Klaw, and departed with him, leaving a message for them to appear at his newly created tower the next day.

At the appointed time, the heroes arrive for their audience with Doom. The former villain explains to the heroes that he has destroyed the Beyonder and absorbed his power and now he is above all petty mortal concerns in his omnipotence. He wishes to right all the wrongs he has committed. He begins by resurrecting Kang and sending him home; he also mentions that he has rescued Galactus and turned him over to his herald Nova. He offers to do for them anything they ask but they decline the offer; Doom then warns them not to bother him again on pain of death. They leave but then notice that Spider-Woman is not with them. Captain America returns to Doom and explains his concern. Doom dispatches Klaw to search for the missing heroine and chats with Cap, revealing his desire to free his mother from the clutches of Mephisto. Elsewhere, the energy burst which has been possessing Spider-Woman now transfers itself to Klaw. The confused heroine is reunited with Cap and the heroes return to their base. There they have a summit meeting, discussing the newly omnipotent Doctor Doom. Cap argues that the Latverian monarch is at peace now but what if he should be overwhelmed by his newfound power and return to his old villainy? The others vote to go to war against him. Suddenly a bolt of flame falls from the sky and incinerates them all….

Mike Zeck
John Beatty
Christie Scheele
Mike Zeck (Cover Penciler)
? (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Piotr Rasputin)

(Bruce Banner)

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