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Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #12: Review

Apr 1985
Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck

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The War Begins

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3 stars

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #12 Review by (July 26, 2011)
Marvel readers at the time already knew about changes in heroes when they reappeared the issue after they left for this series.

The FF with She-Hulk but not Thing turn up at the end of FF#265. The Avengers appear late in Av#243 with Iron Man and his enhanced armour who leaves for the 2nd half of IM#182. There he finds Tony Stark who hit rock bottom while Rhodey was away but has now sworn off the drink. Back in Av#243 SHulk pops in to officially resign, Vision takes over the chairmanship from Wasp and announces a new West Coast Avengers team which Hawkeye will lead. Thing's continuing adventures on Battleworld will be seen in his own series from #11.

Spidey returns in his new black costume with Curt Connors (Lizard) in Amazing SM #252, mirrored in the middle of Marvel Team-Up #141. He contacts Aunt May, and then links up with Black Cat at the end of Spectacular SM #90. Then he zips over to the 2nd half of MTU#141 to finish off a dangling plot thread with Black Widow and Daredevil.

Meanwhile Hulk, injured and returned to his bestial state, comes back to close 1 of *his* ongoing plotlines in the 1st half of his #295 as he rescues his girlfriend Kate Waynesboro. Then Bruce Banner is brought in to help with Invisible Girl's difficult pregnancy in FF#266-268. They also recruit Doc Ock who has somehow been put back in prison after Molecule Man brought the villains back from Battleworld. (But unfortunately Sue has a miscarriage.)

The X-Men apparently do get returned to the Central Park building in Uncanny XM #181 but something immediately whisks them away to Japan. And Cyclops is delivered to Hawaii where he was taken from his wife. Prof X sends Rogue home to check on Kitty Pryde, while the rest stay to deal with the dragon friend Lockheed made on Battleworld who's grown huge. Eventually Lockheed persuades her to go away because he doesn't love her.
In #182 Rogue gets mixed up with SHIELD instead of looking for Kitty.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #12 Review by (July 26, 2011)
Comments: Double sized final issue. Lockheed appears for the first time since issue #2. Explanations: Iron Man is Jim Rhodes, Hulk has Bruce Banner’s mind, Professor X can walk. WHAT IF? Vol. 2 #114 (the final issue) shows us “What if all the participants of Secret Wars had been trapped on Battleworld?”

Review: Full review appears with issue #1.

Rob adds:-

Beyonder saw our universe when an event caused a pinhole opening into his realm. Secret Wars II #8 will reveal that this event was Molecule Man having his origin. However New Avengers (2013) #33 will tell us that the event was *caused* by the extra-dimensional beings called the Beyonders as part of their plan to destroy the multiverse. That issue also repeats the idea that *this* Beyonder is a child of the Beyonders race.

Beyonder takes Dr Doom and Klaw with him when he goes. He's got to return Doom to the future within Secret Wars II. He also seems to restore Klaw's sanity.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #12 Review by (July 26, 2011)
With immediate problems over we have the 1985 mini-series. The Beyonder's energies opened a portal to a world like ours and pulled some supervillains through, including many who were in Secret Wars. Hulk is there too under Banner's control. Eventually the situation is resolved by calling on some of the Marvel superheroes. (1 problem with this series is that Thing is with the heroes when he should be on Battleworld.)

The next gathering point will be Hulk #300. Before that Rom the Spaceknight helps Hulk deal with another continued plot as patients who were cured with gamma rays turn into Hulks in the 2nd half of #295 plus #296. This is considered part of Rom's Wraith War in his #52-65. Hulk has a flashback battle with Thor in Thor #385. Then Thor, who no longer turns into Donald Blake, takes on the human name Sigurd Jarlson as his civilian id. In his #341-344 he fights Fafnir the dragon with Loki, Malekith and others in the background. Meanwhile SM fights Blob with Black Cat in SSM#91 and we meet villain The Rose in ASM#253.
In the issues leading up to Hu#300 from #297 we learn that Nightmare has been causing Bruce to lose control of Hulk via nightmares (what else?). Now Hulk is completely savage but something makes him seek out his friend Dr Strange. DrS breaks Nightmare's influence but can't get Banner back. #300 has loads of heroes (but no X-Men) try to stop Hulk, until Strange exiles him to another dimension. Which #301 will reveal to be a place called the Crossroads.

Iron Man isn't in Hu#300. Sometime after the 1985 series Rhodey ditches the alien additions to his armour from Battleworld because he and Morley Erwin can't get them to work and then fights Zodiac members in IM#183-185. During this he, sober Tony Stark, and Morley and Clytemnestra Erwin go to California to start up their own tech company. But the discarded alien tech will build itself into a villain called Omnivore, who will be destroyed in Quasar #8.

After Hu#300 Spidey goes continues with his life and 3 concurrent series. In ASM#258 Peter will discover that his new costume is alive, and Reed Richards will imprison the symbiote.

The Avengers continue in their #244-245, fighting Rom's foe's the Dire Wraiths in the Wraith War. Then they team up with the FF in Av Annual #13 to fight Hulks created by Arnim Zola. After that Thor goes back to fighting Malekith from his #345 on. And at last Captain America gets back to his own series to contend with Red Skull an d Baron Zemo from CA#293.

The X-Men as usual stay mostly in their own corner of the Marvel Universe. In UXM#183 Colossus ends his relationship with Kitty Pryde because of his love for (the dead) Zsaji on Battleworld. And in #185-188 the X-Men too get involved in the Wraith War. (I have now mentioned all the issues that lists in this category.)

Magneto and Spider-Woman were sent back to Earth in the batch of solo heroes (plus Curt Connors).
We're never told where Magneto ended up, either in his next app (in his personal Asteroid M) in New Mutants #21 or in a flashback in XM Unlimited #2 which the Marvel Chronology Project puts in between.
Similarly Spider-Woman just carries on. Her origin flashbacks in Av West Coast #84 and her own #2 say that her Government boss puts her into Freedom Force, which is where we next see her in UXM#206.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #12 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Zsaji and the other villagers stand aghast, staring at the rubble that was once the headquarters of the heroes. None of them could have survived Doctor Doom’s devastating strike….

In the Denver suburb enclosed in a dome and hurtling through space, the Enchantress conjures up a water elemental from the bathtub in Volcana’s apartment. From it she learns the story of the Beyonder, how he discovered our universe by accident and set out to study the human emotion of desire; to that end he created Battleworld and assembled the various characters for the secret war—and Enchantress knows the rest. The elemental adds one last detail: the Beyonder is not dead but remains close by Doom. Out in the apartment, the Lizard becomes restless from his close contact with humans and Dr. Octopus challenges Molecule Man’s leadership of the group. As the two villains face off, Enchantress lures Volcana off to a secluded park where she exacts the price for her earlier favor to the fiery villainess (issue #7): the goddess plans to drain Volcana of her life-energy to boost her own power so she can return to Asgard and warn them of the danger posed by Doom. Volcana, of course, will not survive the operation. After Molecule Man defeats Doc Ock in battle, he notices Volcana is missing; the Lizard tracks her for him and they confront the sorceress in the park, interrupting the ceremony. Enchantress teleports back to Battleworld (the closest destination) just as the Lizard leaps on her and they both end up on the remote planet. She knocks him down and incinerates him, draining the life energy from his corpse in hopes of getting to Asgard….

At Doom’s tower, the now omnipotent dictator fears falling asleep because of what he might do unconsciously. Klaw spins for him a scenario in which the heroes might have been restored to life: Zsaji went to investigate the scene of the disaster and found Colossus clinging to life, having switched to his armored form at the last second. She used all her powers to heal him but the exertion killed her. Colossus then found Mr. Fantastic still alive due to the elastic nature of his body and put him in one of the cell-regenerators, restoring him to health. Then Reed used the same devices to resurrect all the others, and they are on their way to confront Doom even now…. Doom recoils at the idea, though Klaw suggests he may have made this happen subconsciously. The mad servitor nags his master into a frenzy and just as Doom convinces himself that the heroes are certainly dead…

Thor’s hammer bursts through the wall. Doom panics and his powers run amok destroying worlds. Klaw offers to deal with the heroes for him if Doom will only give him a little of his power. Doom complies and empowers the sonic villain. As the heroes arrive for combat, Klaw conjures up an army of weird monsters and restores Ultron as their leader. During the furious battle that follows, Thing discovers he can control his transformations to Ben Grimm, Wasp destroys Ultron from inside, and Captain America, his shield broken, makes it into the stronghold to confront Doom. The villain atomizes the hero, who is instantly reborn, then again, and Doom, wrestling with his own fears, collapses in panic and his power goes out of control. As Cap tries to anchor the mad villain’s unstable mind, the energy burst which has possessed Klaw for some time, departs from his body and, revealing itself to be the Beyonder, reclaims his power from Doom. Doom is restored to his original form and the Beyonder departs, taking Doom and Klaw with him….

The heroes return to the village where they bury Zsaji (the scenario described by "Klaw" earlier was apparently brought into reality subconsciously by Doom as he listened to it). The heroes undergo first aid and Curt Connors enters the hall, left behind when the Enchantress absorbed the Lizard’s energy. Lockheed returns with a female dragon friend. Reed theorizes that the building is programmed to fulfill wishes so Cap tests it and his shield is indeed repaired. Reed creates a device to teleport them back to the alien ship the Beyonder used to transport them to this planet and from there they can return to Earth. Reed sends them back in groups, but gets a surprise: Thing chooses to remain on the planet, with She-Hulk taking his place in the Fantastic Four, so he can think things through in solitude. They leave the device with him for when he decides to return and say goodbye.

Mike Zeck
Art Adams
Christie Scheele
Mike Zeck (Cover Penciler)
? (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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