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Marvel Team-Up #18: Review

Feb 1974
Len Wein, Gil Kane

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Where Bursts the Bomb

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4 stars

Marvel Team-Up #18 Review by (February 15, 2010)
First appearance of the Hulk in Marvel Team-Up. Mike Esposito is also an inker in this issue.


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Marvel Team-Up #18 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
The Human Torch and his friend Wyatt Wingfoot are rescuing victims of a fiery truck crash in the Catskills. Suddenly, an alarm goes off warning Johnny of the return of a dangerous foe. Blastaar, the Living Bomb-Burst, has been revived by Professor Paxton Pentecost using Gamma radiation. Pentecost invented the F.A.U.S.T. Adamantium factory, only to have it stolen by the greedy millionaire Ferguson Blaine. Now, Pentecost wants his revenge and orders Blastaar to destroy the factory. Blastaar agrees, intending to go on to level the entire Earth. 

Meanwhile, Hulk is rampaging at a construction site and, irritated by an odd buzzing in his ears, pursues the sound to smash the source. The Human Torch tries to stop Blastaar from destroying the factory but the alien menace blasts him out of the sky. Hulk catches Johnny, who persuades Jade Jaws to aid him against Blastaar. Blaine is captured by Pentecosts robots and taken into the factory before Blastaar destroys it. Hulk arrives and, discovering that Blastaars Gamma radiation is the source of the irritation in his head, he attacks him. The Torch stops Pentecost from shooting Blaine, and Pentecost, sorry for the trouble he's caused, suggests a means of defeating the menace he's unleashed. The Torch relays the instructions to Hulk, who wraps Blastaar in a ball of Adamantium and tosses him in the ocean. Hulk leaves, and Blaine tries to thank the Torch for saving him. But Johnny refuses, since it was Blaines greed that caused the whole mess in the first place.

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Gil Kane
Dan Adkins


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(Bruce Banner)
Human Torch
Human Torch

(Johnny Storm)

Plus: Wyatt Wingfoot.

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