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Secret Avengers #14: Review

Jan 2014
Nick Spencer, Butch Guice

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How to MA.I.M. a Mockingbird Part Three of Five

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4 stars

Secret Avengers #14 Review by (April 16, 2024)

Review: Issue spends a lot of time working through Mockingbird’s memories and I’m not sure how much is real. Forson is convincing her she is really a cult member named Barbara while Bobbi is a fake identity? Or has she been a cultist ever since her introduction in ASTONISHING TALES #6 (unnamed, in Ka-Zar’s early series)? In short, is Forson lying or telling the truth? And that’s the plot point they are trying to make, enough to worry the reader that we may have another Snap Wilson debacle on our hands. They do a pretty good job of making us paranoid though things will turn out to be pretty normal [spoiler: everything Forson is saying is a lie]. Meanwhile, Hawkeye and Black Widow may get something to do next issue, as we move to the end of this series.

Comments:Oneiric” means “relating to dreams and dreaming.” Nick Spencer and Ales Kot are credited as writers. Joe Rubinstein and Tom Palmer sharing inking duties.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Secret Avengers #14 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Having just shot Taskmaster, Mockingbird is brought back to the present by the Scientist Supreme (Andrew Forson) uttering the control word, “Oneiric.” He uses his hypnotic control to convince her she is really Barbara, an agent of the Cult of Entropy, and that “Bobbi” is a secondary identity by taking her back to the time of her recruitment….

Aboard the A.I.M. submarine, the captive Secret Avengers (Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury Jr.) are being brought to Barbuda by Yelena Belova who flirts with Fury. Later, when they are alone, guarded by the Shang-Chi Adaptoid, they work out a plan of escape with Fury being the one who must break his thumb to get out of the handcuffs….

Bobbi continues her distorted history with the Cult of Entropy, with Nick Fury believing she was a SHIELD Agent while Forson was using her against Victorius, the cult leader. Then she had a premonition of a SHIELD team infiltrating the island and they were caught. She feels the two identities fighting in her mind and wants “Bobbi” out….

Aboard the SHIELD Helicarrier Iliad, Director Maria Hill is meeting with MODOK and taking down information he is revealing to her; he wants ice cream, she won’t give it to him….

On A.I.M. Island, an aide takes Taskmaster’s corpse to the morgue, only to find Mentallo relaxing there. Mentallo picks up mental signals from the corpse and is dismayed….

Bobbi continues to scroll through her memories, again showing her commitment to the cult’s goals while having to encourage Forson. And then she aided in executing the SHIELD agents on the beach. Forson asks if she would like to execute more people and she agrees….

As they are being brought in, Nick Fury removes his handcuffs, frees Hawkeye and Black Widow, and they overpower the guards, ready to take on A.I.M….

Butch Guice
Matthew Wilson
Butch Guice (Cover Penciler)
Butch Guice (Cover Inker)
Matthew Wilson (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Black Widow
Black Widow

(Natasha Romanoff)

(Clint Barton)
Nick Fury Jr.
Nick Fury Jr.

(Marcus Johnson)

Plus: Mentallo (Marvin Flumm), Scientist Supreme (Andrew Forson), Super-Adaptoid (Yelena Belova).

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