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Thor: God of Thunder #5: Review

Feb 2013
Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic

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The God Butcher, Part Five of Five: Dream of a Godless Age

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3.5 stars

Thor: God of Thunder #5 Review by (February 25, 2013)
Review: Wait…the title page says part five of five yet the story isn’t resolved nor does it come to any sort of climax or conclusion. The hero pursues the villain to his destination…and fails to catch up to him. What a crashing anticlimax to an otherwise intricately written tale. Meanwhile, Gorr is revealed to be just another fanatic intent on imposing his views on religion on everyone else…by violence. The most offensive aspect of the tale is that the story as set up sides with Gorr: the noble traditions are all lies, the gods are useless, the humans are mindless dupes. So it looks for now like the sadistic insane villain is speaking for the writer, Jason Aaron. Is this true? We’ll keep you posted.

Comments: Issue includes a two-page letters column, “Hammer Grams.”


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor: God of Thunder #5 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

At the Palace of Infinity on Chronux, Gorr the God Butcher descends into the pool of the blood of the slaughtered Time Gods in order to travel to the distant past. There he witnesses the birth of the universe, and unlike everything he was taught as a child he discovers that all is the creation of a mad godling creating life as a plaything. Disgusted with this origin and aware that future generations will wrongly attribute the mysteries of creation to their own allegedly wise and caring gods, he determines to destroy all gods in the universe. He returns to Chronux with the still-warm heart of the slain godling, with plans to build a stronghold—when Thor arrives and attacks him….

In 893 AD, Thor is prisoner in the cave of the God Butcher and withstands seventeen days of torture but will still not reveal the location of Asgard. Thor’s Viking followers have discovered the cave by now and enter to rescue their god. Despite Gorr’s insistence they are fools for serving a god, the Vikings fight on, giving Thor the time to escape from his chains and deliver a crushing blow to his tormentor. His followers hail him as a hero and promise to remember the battle in song but the God of Thunder tells them to never speak of this day again….

On Chronux, Thor fights his way through a horde of Black Berserkers but is captured and held fast; Gorr reveals two lessons learned that day many centuries ago: one, that mortal fear a godless world, and two, that Gorr could not accomplish his mission alone, hence the creation of the Berserkers. He thanks Thor for showing him a better path to his goal, and now he slays the last Time God to power the Time Pool and he immerses himself in the blood and vanishes into the future. Thor fights off the Berserkers and pursues him into the pool…

…emerging in the far future where he meets himself and mistakes him for Odin. The two Thors plow through a massive horde of Black Berserkers and the aged Thunder God reveals to his younger self that Gorr had arrived in this period 900 years earlier….

Now, his plans complete, Gorr the God Butcher looks forward to the day all his dreams come true….

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Esad Ribic
Esad Ribic
Ive Svorcina
Esad Ribic (Cover Penciler)
Esad Ribic (Cover Inker)
Esad Ribic (Cover Colorist)


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Plus: Gorr the God Butcher (Gorr).

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