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Thor #612: Review

Sep 2010
Kieron Gillen, Dougie Braithwaite

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The Fine Print, Part 2

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4 stars

Thor #612 Review by (November 13, 2012)
Review: Another grim and intense voyage into Hell but less effective as a story due to Doug Braithwaite’s sketchy art. Everyone looks a bit too insubstantial under his pencil.

Comments: Origin of the Disir. Bor and Loki are seen in flashbacks.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #612 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Returning to Hell, Brun warns her sisters of the Disir to prepare themselves for the coming of the Asgardian hosts.

Meanwhile, Thor and the Aesir debate how to pursue this war against a grisly supernatural enemy. Hela can transport only two warriors to aid her. Thor and Tyr are chosen and are dropped through a portal to face the Disir. Hela follows and raises an army of the dead to delay the Disir long enough for the two Asgardians to find refuge in the citadel she has conjured. Once inside she explains that Loki has demonstrated the reality of the Disir to her but she possessed the sword Eir-Gram, the one weapon which could defeat them. Unfortunately, the sword was taken from her in battle and the Disir now have it. Thor volunteers to enter Mephisto’s Hell to recover the sword while Tyr remains to organize the defense of the stronghold.

Meanwhile, Mephisto refuses to take possession of the Eir-Gram as he does not want to be involved in the Aesir/Disir feud but grants permission for it to be left in his realm. Brun jams it into the ground near his throne and casts a spell that "only whom to it doth belong withdraw it."

As Thor prepares to leave on his quest, Tyr confides that he feels inadequate to the task of defending this citadel. Thor reassures him that as God of Battles, he will find what he needs to win. Thor is then transported to Hell where his is met by Mephisto. The devil offers him his prize in exchange for his services but when the Thunder God declines, Mephisto welcomes him to the horrors of Hell….

Dougie Braithwaite
(Unknown artist)
John Rauch
Mico Suayan (Cover Penciler)
Mico Suayan (Cover Inker)
Laura Martin (Cover Colorist)


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(Balder the Brave)

(Goddess of Death)


Plus: Disir, Kelda.

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