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Thor #617: Review

Nov 2010
Matt Fraction, Pascual Ferry

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[The World Eaters, Chapter 3]

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2.5 stars

Thor #617 Review by (December 8, 2012)
Review: Wait, the Asgardians already knew about the coming disaster? Then there was no point to having Eric Solvang bumble through the story for three issues? Or Iron Man in this one—and the next two? When Jane kicked him in the unmentionables, I’ll bet she was thinking of Matt Fraction! And of course, the biggest bone of contention is, why does Thor bring Loki back, seeing as he has caused nothing but horror and destruction for the last several decades? It took Fraction until “Everything Burns” to come up with an answer: it was because Thor missed the fun Loki of his youth and figured if he could raise the boy Loki might not turn out a villain. There, was that so hard? To Fraction’s credit, boy Loki has been one of the best parts of the series during his and Kieron Gillen’s run, actually letting us see the delightful childhood companion Thor knew. Kudos. Too bad it doesn’t atone for the rest of the issue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #617 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Dr. Eric Solvang, driven out of Asgard without his car and walking alone in the Oklahoma desert, phones Tony Stark, and before he knows it Iron Man is hovering beside him….

In Paris, a disguised Thor comes upon a young street hustler named Serrure (French for "lock"); the Thunder God apprehends Serrure’s pickpocket accomplice and stares down the hustler, who naturally flees….

In Broxton, Solvang explains to Tony Stark how disaster is coming to Asgard and he can’t quite explain it to the Aesir. Tony, being a very good "nerd-to-Asgardian translator," offers to convey the message for him. Iron Man flies out to the city as they are lighting a funeral pyre for the dead warriors. As Tony conveys Solvang’s warning, Balder reveals that they know of this already (presumably though the visions Heimdall has had in the last two issues) and Asgard is unable to take any more so they are awaiting this new horror with grim resignation. Elsewhere, Solvang approaches Jane Foster on a dark street to ask about Thor; she finds him creepy and instinctively kicks him in the crotch….

In Nidavellir, land of the dwarfs, the seers have been abandoned by their brethren, left in a refuge to await the end which they have foreseen. As the conquering World Eaters arrive, the dwarves march out into the sunlight which immediately turns them to stone. The alien king Uthana Thoth knows his means they fear their approach and he is pleased….

In Paris, Thor pursues the nimble Serrure through and streets, finally catching him down in a Metro station. Having shed his disguise Thor tries to reveal the boy’s identity to him; Serrure confesses he has no memory of his early life, only fantastic dreams. As he touches Thor’s hammer, his memory as Loki is restored and he delights in his new existence….

In downtown New York, the air is suddenly split by panicked dwarves calling for everyone to flee to Asgard….

Pascual Ferry
Pascual Ferry
Matt Hollingsworth
Pascual Ferry (Cover Penciler)
Pascual Ferry (Cover Inker)
Matt Hollingsworth (Cover Colorist)


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(Balder the Brave)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

(Loki Laufeyson)


Plus: Eric Solvang, World Eaters.

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