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Ultimates #2: Review

Apr 2002
Mark Millar, Bryan Hitch

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3 stars

Ultimates #2 Review by (February 15, 2010)
First Bruce Banner and Hulk in an Ultimates comic. It seems that Betty Ross is not related to General Ross.


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Ultimates #2 Synopsis by Morten Pedersen
Tony Stark has just climbede Mount Everest, and is now going home, but as he summons his men he tells them that there world is going to chance. In New York city, Nick Fury is having lunch with Bruce Banner, who is cured of the Hulk decise, Bruce is very happy to be free of the Hulk. Nick offers Bruce a job, he is given the assigment to make a new Captain America, but there is only one little thing, that stands in his way he can't be chief enymore, because of his alter ego. In a military base, Hank Prym is packing his things as his wife drops by, Hank tells her that he really like the opertunity he have been given by Tony Stark. In Manhatten, the new improved Iron Man flies true the city, back in his headquaters Nick Fury and some of Stark's friends are moniting Tony's heart beat. As Tony lands Jarvis Tony's butler si ready with a drink, as Nick ask if it's not to early, Tony says: "Not in Moskva." Meanwhile Bruce have just landed and is welcomed by Jan Dyne, as Bruce is driven over to the test lab, Jane mentions that the other doctor, is Bruce's ex-girlfriend Betty Ross. Inside the lab, Hank is getting suit up to try his new growing power, suddenly the light goes out and Hank begins screams that something is wrong, Janet and the fellow doctors rush in only to see a giant naked Hank laughing. Some hours later, Nick is on the phone with Bruce, S.H.I.E.L.D have just found the real Captain America.

Bryan Hitch
Andrew Currie


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Betty Ross
Betty Ross

(Elizabeth Ross)
Iron Man
Iron Man

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