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Ultimates #3: Review

May 2002
Mark Millar, Bryan Hitch

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21st Century Boy

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3 stars


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Ultimates #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
The story opens with Giant Man startling hikers in the mountains as he strides over them; he and Jan are there on a vacation, adjusting to their new position in the Ultimates, when they get a call to return to New York. There, Bruce Banner is examining the newly recovered comatose Captain America. When Cap awakens, he doesn't believe he's been gone for 57 years and goes into action against what he assumes is a Nazi trick. He manages to escape from the building but is stopped by a well placed swat from Giant Man. Later when Steve has calmed down, Nick Fury takes him to visit his old friend Bucky Barnes, now an old man who has been married to Steve's former fiance Gail for many years. The meeting is awkward and Gail refuses to let Steve see her since she has aged so much. Steve eventually realizes that everything he's ever loved is now gone, except one thing-his country. That evening, the Ultimates gather at a major reception where President Bush unveils to the American public the newly returned Captain America.

Bryan Hitch
Andrew Currie


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