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Captain America #13: Review

Nov 1997
James Robinson, Ron Lim

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World War 3, Part 4: War without End...

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3 stars

Captain America #13 Review by (September 8, 2010)
Review: Good ending to this arc. Pacing was great and ending was appropriate. Although not explicitly stated, it is assumed that the Wildstorm heroes returned to their universe and the Marvel heroes returned to the Heroes Reborn universe.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #13 Synopsis by Kevin Hollander
Continued from IRON MAN Vol.2 #13

Captain America leads the remaining superheroes and the American military in their assault on Latveria. Their attack is coordinated with Mr. Fantastic's mission into the Negative Zone to destroy both halves of Dr. Doom's inter-dimensional lock that has merged two universes. In this combined universe, Dr. Doom has risen to power with the help of the alien races known as the Daemonites and Skrulls.

Helspont and the Skrull High Emissary observe the battle outside Doom's castle. Doom is absent since he decided to personally defend the Negative Zone half of the inter-dimensional lock from Richards. In his absence the alien generals are caught by surprise at the resolve and number of soldiers that participated in this campaign. Thinking that they may be defeated, they decide to release the Elementrons against the opposing side.

The Elementrons consist of Hulk, Namor, Human Torch, and Rainmaker. They have each been fused with a Daemonite and further altered by Doom until they became completely mindless engines of destruction. They attack their former allies without remorse and kill Gorgon, and Warblade. The heroes react in the same fashion. Hulk is killed by Maul (who subsequently dies when he grows too big), Grunge kills Rainmaker, Namor and Thing manage to kill each other, and the Human Torch is killed by his own sister in an effort to save Zealot.

Inside the Negative Zone, Spartan-America and Scarlet Witch arrive at the dimensional lock while the rest of their team holds off Doom and his Daemonite/Skrull army. Spartan-America sacrifices himself to destroy one-half of the lock.

In Latveria, Captain America and Deathblow arrive at the other half of the lock. They find that the portal to the Negative Zone is open and protected by Helspont. Deathblow lunges at him and takes him into the Negative Zone. The Invisible Woman arrives in a state of shock and tricks Cap into lowering his defenses. She shoots him in the chest with an energy weapon and then shape-shifts back to the Skrull High Emissary. Cap desperately throws his shield at the Skrull, succeeding in driving him into the Negative Zone. The dying solider crawls toward the machinery but is unable to complete his mission. He is found by Rick Jones who uses his last grenade to destroy Doom's machines. Cap congratulates him on winning the war.

Inside the Negative Zone, Doom and Richards watch as the fused world begins to come apart. Richards is elated that this nightmare is finally over. Doom promises that he will never forget that he actually bested Richards and vows to try again at his next opportunity.

Ron Lim
Danny Bulanadi
Nathan Lumm
Tom Raney (Cover Penciler)


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