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Captain America #46: Review

Jan 2009
Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting

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Old Friends and Enemies, Part 1 of 3

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3 stars

Captain America #46 Review by (March 15, 2010)
Steve Rogers appears as Captain America in flashback. Geographical error: while Winter Soldier may be wanted for murder in China, Taiwan is a separate country (since 1949) so he should be in no danger—and Nationalist scientist Zhang Chin shouldn’t be there unless he defected.


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Captain America #46 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
At the laboratory of Professor Zhang Chin, the now-aged scientist studies the remains of the original Human Torch while planning with The Man with No Face for their other objective: capturing the Winter Soldier, who is now Captain America. Over the Indian Ocean, Captain America and Namor, the Sub-Mariner are flying in an Atlantean jet, teamed to rescue their former ally from being turned into a weapon. That is what Zhang Chin saw that day when the Invaders rescued him from the Japanese in Shanghai (issue #43) and he was impressed with the android’s flame abilities. Bucky mentions he met Zhang Chin when he failed to assassinate him in 1968 and the guilt over his actions as the Winter Soldier still rankle. In Hong Kong, the Black Widow meets with Sims, an agent for MI6 and learns Chin is in Taiwan. Radioing the information to Cap, she digs further into the files and discovers that Winter Soldier is a wanted criminal in China for the murder of Chin’s wife that day in 1968. In Taipei, Cap and Namor overpower the guards and enter the city. Bucky then changes into Winter Soldier for the final confrontation, knowing that he will be identified and taken to his target….

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Steve Epting
Steve Epting
Frank D'Armata
Steve Epting (Cover Penciler)


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Black Widow
Black Widow

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