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Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #2: Review

Nov 2014
Al Ewing, Luke Ross

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Fast Money

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3.5 stars

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #2 Review by (November 30, 2014)
Review: Well, this is different: the bad guy tries to take down the good guys through financial wizardry—and fails. Dario Agger and Roxxon were more successful pulling something like this with Thor in THOR GOD OF THUNDER. But the God of Thunder was victorious because his enemies’ scheme collapsed under its own weight (plus the weight of all the dark dreary coloring on those issues). Still don’t know what’s going on here or where they are planning to take it all, since in three months TIME RUNS OUT (you don’t have to shout). This issue is okay but not very compelling. And who wanted Blue Streak to return? With a gang, no less. Wait, Blue Streak was killed by Scourge of the Underworld back in the day? So who is this guy? And why am I putting so much thought into this?

Comments: Kaluu was introduced in STRANGE TALES #147 in 1966; he has also recently appeared in LOKI AGENT OF ASGARD #4. The third Power Man, Victor Alvarez, first appeared in SHADOWLAND: POWER MAN #1.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Cortex Inc.’s powerful henchwoman Quickfire is cooling her heels in prison (since MIGHTY AVENGERS #4-5). CEO Jason Quantrell suddenly appears in her cell tells her he is there to get her out but when they clasp hands her body is overwhelmed by a Terrigen mutagen and she changes….

Seconds later Quantrell is back at Cortex HQ for a meeting with Luke Cage….

Downtown, the roller-skating criminal gang the Fast Five is zipping away from the scene of a bank robbery. When the Mighty Avengers arrive, the baddies split up. White Tiger uses her claws to rip open Blue Streak’s outfit, cowardly Gold Rush surrenders to the new Power Man, the wizard Kaluu sends Redline to the Purple Dimension, Green Light temporarily blinds She-Hulk and Blue Marvel but that doesn’t stop them for long, and finally Silver Ghost is clobbered by Spectrum impersonating Blue Streak. At Avengers Tower, the new fascist Captain America, and greedhead Tony Stark disapprove of what they see on a viewscreen but leave the next step up to Luke Cage….

When the heroes returns to the Gem Theater, Cage surprises them with the news that he has sold the Mighty Avengers, concept, brand, and equipment to Cortex to turn the team into a money-making business, selling their services to those in need. The heroes are aghast but Cage outshouts them—until Jessica Jones arrives with their baby. Jess doesn’t recognize the man he’s been since he returned from Genosha (AXIS #3) and walks out. She-Hulk reveals that legally the Mighty Avengers is not his to sell, the contracts he signed in MA #5 made the team a co-operative. His takeover bid having failed, an angry and disappointed Cage walks out—and is met by the Avengers who welcome him back to the real team….

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Luke Ross
Iban Coello
Rachelle Rosenberg
Luke Ross (Cover Penciler)
Luke Ross (Cover Inker)
Luke Ross (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

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Captain America
Captain America

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Iron Man
Iron Man

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Luke Cage
Luke Cage

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Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch

(Wanda Maximoff)

(Jennifer Walters)


Plus: Blue Marvel (Adam Brashear), Blue Streak, Fast Five, Kaluu, Power Man (Victor Alvarez), Quickfire, Spectrum, White Tiger (Ava Ayala).

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