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Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #4: Review

Jan 2015
Al Ewing, Luke Ross

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The Other Side of the Tree

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3.5 stars

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #4 Review by (January 25, 2015)
Comments: The qlippothic doctrine described by Kaluu is an authentic mystical tradition; Israel Regardie, named as its founder/discoverer, was a real person.

Review: Mostly AXIS aftermath centering on new winged Cap learning to live with himself and rise above his suffering. So…more whining interrupted by some opaque philosophizing by the resident magic guy. We are also moving ahead with the Jason Quantrell storyline from two angles, the Luke Cage undercover and the Gideon Mace whodunit. So far this isn’t grabbing me but I am appreciative that they put the characters names up for their first appearances in each issue. The big question still is why add Cap’s name to the title? Okay, nothing great.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In the wake of the inversion, the public is divided on whether the new Captain America can be trusted, sending Sam Wilson into a spiral of despair and depression. The wizard Kaluu explains to Sam the concept of a qlippoth, in Kabala an inverted version of the Tree of Life where all values are reversed. The wizard suggests that they are now in a distorted world that may become worse. Spectrum then enters and wants to have a talk with Cap….

Luke Cage, no longer a Mighty Avenger, meets with the sinister CEO of Cortex Inc., Jason Quantrell. Now that the inversion is past, Luke still wants to be a part of Quantrell’s sinister schemes….

White Tiger and the new Power Man visit the site of Gideon Mace’s murder, meeting Detectives Lowe and Carter. White Tiger detects something very odd about the scene; Power Man uses his senses to pick up on the chi of whoever has been in that alley. He locates the ghosts of Mace and his henchman Robert Toole, the same Robert Toole whose corpse has been detected in orbit around Ganymede. PW then “sees” Toole replaced by someone who leaves only an enigmatic yet familiar trace. The two Avengers are now on the trail….

Elsewhere, the fiendish Quickfire is using the heart she ripped from Gideon Mace’s body as a seed to grow something creepy and very like Mace….

Luke Cage phones his wife Jessica Jones to tell her he has been successful in infiltrating Cortex by pretending he is still a bad guy. Jessica wants to be a part of the investigation despite the danger. They are both unaware that Jason Quantrell can hear what they are saying….

Spectrum (Monica Rambeau) is having a talk with Sam who is broken up with horror over having been possessed by and evil version of himself. Under Monica’s prodding he comes to realize that Captain America is not just for good days, that on his worst days he must rise above adversity to prove himself….

In the days that follow, Cap takes a public stand as the spokesperson for the Mighty Avengers and wins back some of the respect he had lost….

Luke Ross
Iban Coello
Rachelle Rosenberg
Luke Ross (Cover Penciler)
Luke Ross (Cover Inker)
Rico Renzi (Cover Colorist)


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White Tiger (Ava Ayala).

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