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Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #7: Review

Apr 2015
Al Ewing, Iban Coello

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Kick ‘Splode

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3.5 stars

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #7 Review by (October 7, 2017)
Comments: Spectrum's adventures with the Beyond Corporation were in NEXTWAVE #1-12. Kevin Brashears has been trapped in the Neutral Zone since MIGHTY AVENGERS (2013 series) #9. Final appearance of Jason Quantrell. Great Quote: “Standing alone against impossible odds is what Captain America does.”


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #7 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Having discovered that the Beyond Corporation's hostile treatment of her was real, Spectrum heads to the Cortex Corporation HQ and in seconds searches the building to find it empty. In the basement she discovers the portal which drew the Beyond being to our world. In the penthouse office she finds the Beyond-controlled Jason Quantrell and wants to have a talk with him....

Across town, Captain America (Sam Wilson) faces the mutated monsters that were once Quickfire, She-Hulk, Kaluu, White Tiger, and Power Man. He decides to take out the most dangerous one—Quickfire—first, so he distracts her with his shield while he leaps to kick her in the face. As he faces the others, a portal opens up and Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are on the scene to aid him....

Blue Marvel, his son Dr. Positron, and Spider-Man arrive via one of Marvel's portable portals. Upstairs, Spectrum faces “Jason” who sends he back briefly to being an invalid, cared for by her mother. Monica breaks free of his taunting and transforms into a massive energy being—who is still not strong enough to stop him. Then Beyond realizes what she is doing: providing a distraction. He blinks down to the basement where Blue Marvel and Dr. Positron are working on the portal. Beyond takes out Spidey by making him think he has been elected President of the United States by people who think he is still Otto Octavius the Superior Spider-Man—and he is addressing the nation in his underwear. The villain turns to the others and Blue Marvel springs his trap: by working together he and Max have opened up a gateway to the Neutral Zone—and his trapped son Kevin is able to step through, seize “Jason” and drag him back into the other world. Marvel and Monica admire one another's abilities....

Elsewhere, Cap, Luke, Jessica are surprised that the monsters have returned to their normal identities....

At Mighty Avengers HQ, Soraya Khorasani takes a call from Steve Rogers, looking for help....

Iban Coello
Iban Coello
Rachelle Rosenberg
Leinil Francis Yu (Cover Penciler)
Leinil Francis Yu (Cover Inker)
Matt Milla (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Sam Wilson)
Luke Cage
Luke Cage

(Power Man)

(Jennifer Walters)

(Peter Parker)

Plus: Blue Marvel, Kaluu, Power Man (Victor Alvarez), Quickfire, Spectrum (Monica Rambeau), White Tiger (Ava Ayala).

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