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Incredible Hulk #83: Review

Jul 2005
Peter David, Jorge Lucas

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Terra Incognita (Part 1 of 4)

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4 stars


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Incredible Hulk #83 Synopsis by Kurt Brogan
In a "House of M" tie-in Dr. Robert Bruce Banner has been living in the Australian outback with Aboriginal tribe, "The True People". Accepted into the tribe he is known as "Two Minds". Living their way he has walked the dreamland with a tribal elder, whom Bruce calls "old man". It is revealed that Bruce's Totem is the snake and the symbol is then painted across his chest. The old man tells Bruce of intruders, who are fleeing oppressors, in their land, that Bruce must listen and he will hear them with his heart. Nearby, M.I.A, an organization fighting against the mutant government have created a camp for humans fleeing oppression. M.I.A agent Scorpion radio's her mother Dr. Monica Rappaccini, who is in a submarine in nearby waters, discussing the concentration camps set up by the mutant Australian government. Dr. Rappaccini compares the situation to Hitler's "Final Solution". As they talk, the ground around Scorpion shakes and fellow M.I.A agent Adam warns that Magneto's forces are attacking. Watching from the bushes, Banner asks the old man if he would "despise his other side". He reassures Bruce he is now one of the True People; to despise him would be to despise themselves. Banner appears demanding that Magneto's soldiers leave now. They refuse and he hurls a boomerang at the platoon leader, who reveals a mutant ability to form a force field bubble around himself. Deflecting the boomerang he smacks Banner into the swamp. In a huge splash, the Hulk emerges, swarmed by alligators, he tosses them at soldiers. Not far away, Scorpion is in the sights of one of Magneto's soldiers in huge robotic body armour, when suddenly the platoon leader comes hurtling into it's chest and the Hulk leaps into the remaining soldiers. Dr. Rappaccini watches the camp from her sub, via aerial camera and takes a shuttle to the scene. Meanwhile the Australian Governor Exodus and his men Pyro and Vanisher, watch the Hulk from their headquarters. Pyro shouts at Exodus, blaming him for sending troops into Aboriginal territory against Magneto's orders. With a show of his power, Exodus reminds Pyro who is in charge and turns to watch the screen as Dr. Rappaccini approaches the Hulk. Dr. Rappaccini tries to convince Hulk to join their cause, but one of their number interrupts with news of his "son" Adam's capture. While they talk the Hulk leaps away. Bruce climbs atop a mountain to discuss with the old man what he should do. The old man gives him some advice and tells Bruce that he would miss him, but he would have to make this decision on his own.

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Jorge Lucas
Jorge Lucas
Andy Brase (Cover Penciler)


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