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Incredible Hulk #84: Review

Aug 2005
Peter David, Jorge Lucas

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Terra Incognita (Part 2 of 4)

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3 stars


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Incredible Hulk #84 Synopsis by Kurt Brogan
A "House of M" tie-in. The Mutant Government headquarters, Sydney Australia. Governor Exodus tells his men, Pyro and Vanisher, about the Hulk's destruction of their troops for entering the territory of Bruce Banner's adopted Aborigine tribe, "The True People". Also the Hulk has joined A.I.M, a human group against the mutant goverment.

Exodus has his men checking for the Hulk's approach by land, air and sea. So far all that their sonar has picked up is a large Blue Whale.

The Hulk steers a Blue Whale to hide the A.I.M submarine beneath. A.I.M agent Dr. Monica Rappaccini, below deck, is amazed by the Hulk's feat. Less enthused (A.I.M's) Dr. Isaacs reminds her, the government still have his "son" (A.I.M's) Adam. She reminds him that his "son" is nothing more than a glorified toaster oven.

Dr. Rappaccini has a meal prepared for herself and Dr. Banner, but seems most interested in the Hulk. Rappaccini's daughter, fellow A.I.M agent Scorpion, interrupts with news that they've been spotted by the mutants' sonar. Banner turns into Hulk, who tells Dr. Rappaccini he knows she's up to something, but screw with him and her sub is scrap.

Back at Mutant H.Q, Exodus tries to recruit Adam, who lies limbless as scientists examine his various body parts. Exodus calls Adam the next evolutionary step in machines and questions how he came to exist.

An alarm goes off and Exodus telepathically links to one of his men in the control room, who tells him that the whale turned out to be a submarine and has fired a missile. Exodus sees the missile in the sky and destroys it with his mind; it explodes into thousands of pieces of paper all reading, "A.I.M and Bruce Banner request a summit to settle matters peacefully. We suggest you do not make us angry".

A.I.M gets word that the mutants have accepted. Dr. Banner, Scorpion and Dr. Isaacs go to meet them. As they walk towards the government headquarters, surrounded by troops and citizens, Exodus uses his telepathy to send them writhing on the ground in agony; he also mentally suppresses Banner's change.

Dr. Isaacs shouts to Adam "It's time to show them what you can do". Adam's limbs reconnect to him, his hands turn into laser cannons and he blasts through the labs. Distracted by the explosions, Exodus loses focus and the Hulk jumps towards him. Exodus sends his psionic blast into the Hulk, who quickly recovers and leaps at him again.

Scorpion is surrounded by soldiers, when a defeated Exodus comes crashing to the ground. The Hulk appears above the crowd, challenging all comers, but the citizens and soldiers alike, raise their fists cheering "Hulk, Hulk, Hulk!"

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Jorge Lucas
Jorge Lucas
Andy Brase (Cover Penciler)


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