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Incredible Hulk #86: Review

Oct 2005
Peter David, Jorge Lucas

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Terra Incognita (Part 4 of 4)

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4 stars

Incredible Hulk #86 Review by (February 15, 2010)
In fact the Hulk does sleep, NEEDS to sleep.


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Incredible Hulk #86 Synopsis by Kurt Brogan
A House of M tie-in. From a control room, A.I.M's Dr. Monica Rappaccini watches as Dr. Isaacs tell (A.I.M's) Scorpion and the Hulk, that A.I.M has been using human test subjects to create a cyborg army. Through a transponder secretly placed in Scorpion's head, her mother Dr. Rappaccini tells her to say the word "dormez". When Scorpion questions her, she inadvertently says the word and the Hulk falls to the ground reverting into an unconscious Bruce Banner.

Dr. Rappaccini orders the cyborgs to kill Banner. No longer following Dr. Isaacs' commands, they swipe him out of the way, but when Scorpion tries to protect Banner, Dr. Rappaccini won't allow the cyborgs to fire upon her, but gets them to restrain her. As Scorpion watches, the cyborgs unload on Banner, but the Hulk emerges from the gunfire and begins to tear the cyborgs apart. Scorpion asks how the Hulk managed to awaken when her mother had planted a posthypnotic suggestion in Banner's mind. The Hulk replies: "Banner sleeps, Hulk never does".

Suddenly, a gigantic cyborg soldier appears. As the Hulk fights the giant cyborg, Scorpion keeps an earlier promise saving one of the human test subjects (Johnny). As the battle rages on, Dr. Lazlo questions what Dr. Rappaccini intends to do, and that their associates will want to know who to blame. Dr. Rappaccini responds by saying she intends to blame him and pushes Lazlo over the balcony. The Hulk defeats the giant cyborg by hitting him with the Sydney Opera House. Later in explanation, he says, "Hulk hates opera."

Back at the government headquarters, Dr. Rappaccini accuses Dr. Isaacs of trying to blame her to cover his own tracks and that she knew nothing of the cyborg army. She also says Dr. Lazlo confessed to the whole affair before committing suicide. When Scorpion challenges her about the transponder in her ear and the trigger word that sent the Hulk to sleep, Dr. Rappaccini says she was just trying to control the Hulk for their safety in the same way Banner strives to control the monster.

Banner orders Scorpion and the rest of A.I.M to get out of the country, with the exception of Dr. Rappaccini who is ordered to restore the cyborgs to their humanity. An enraged Scorpion and the others leave. A projection of Magneto tries to convince Bruce to hand back control of Australia to the mutants, saying he could return to the Aborigines and live unmolested. But Bruce says he likes being in charge and if a move is made against him, he would make this over into a world where mutants aren't in charge.

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Jorge Lucas
Jorge Lucas
Andy Brase (Cover Penciler)


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