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Incredible Hulk #611: Review

Aug 2010
Greg Pak, Paul Pelletier

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Sons of Wrath

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5 stars


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Incredible Hulk #611 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
It's the clash Skaar the son of the Incredible Hulk has long been waiting for: Now that his father is back, Skaar absorbs kinetic energy from the ground (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, War Machine and Photon try to slow him down) and Skaar hits the Hulk hard enough to send him from Washington DC to a hill in West Virginia (!) 

The battle continues there but Skaar under estimated the power of his father, truly the strongest one there is, and gets a beating.

Unwilling to keep on fighting, the Hulk turns around. Skaar tells him that Caiera did survive the blast in the stones thanks to her Oldpower. But she truly died when he gave planet Sakaar to Galactus.

Remembering scenes from the past where his father, Brian Banner, hit him and his mother, the Hulk finds his father ways in his son. The Hulk re-initiates the battle, taking it to the shores of Ocean Drive, Maryland.

The Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross) comes in to aid the Hulk. But Skaar punches her away; she hits an occupied building which starts to break apart. It's when the Hulk uses his trademark clap to send sand around the building, preventing the loss of those people's lives. 

Skaar realizes of this and the Hulk punches Skaar in anger shouting as if he were talking to his father,  "Leave Me Alone!!!" Badly hurt, Skaar turns into his weak, child self while saying that he's work is done since he came to kill a monster but the Hulk is not one.

Finally, the Hulk realizes that he also is like his father because he hit his own son. As Bruce Banner, and following the suggestion from the Red She-Hulk, and not doing as his father, Bruce holds his own son in a candid embrace as the Red She-Hulk watches from the distance.

Story #2

Act III: Slave To Memory

Writer: Scott Reed. Penciler: Miguel Munera. Inker: Jeffrey Huet. Colorist: John Rauch.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hiro-Kala and the Worldmind, the sentient spirit or essense of planet K'ai, trade powers. The Worldmind gets the Old Power, and uses it to heal the planet. Hiro gets the Worldmind powers which he uses to restore the life in the planet.

Axeman Bone is able to climb up the chasm, and faces a War-Mind soldier. But he is weak and wounded by arrows still in his chest and back. Hiro heals him, but uses his axe to create chains with which he slaves Axeman. He then endorses the people of K'ai as their savior, and calls himself a Dark Son.

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Paul Pelletier
Danny Miki
Frank D'Armata
John Romita Jr. (Cover Penciler)
Dale Keown (Cover Penciler)
Letterer: Simon Bowland.
Editor: Mark Paniccia.


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Invisible Woman
Invisible Woman

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Mr. Fantastic

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Ms. Marvel

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Red She-Hulk

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War Machine
War Machine

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Plus: Black Panther (Sr.), Brian Banner, Mastermind Excello (Amadeus Cho).

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