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Incredible Hulk Annual #10: Review

Sep 1981
Bill Mantlo, Rick Leonardi

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Nothing Stops The Hulk!

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4 stars


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Incredible Hulk Annual #10 Synopsis by Fabian D'Souza
Bruce Banner wanders onto a US Air Force base. He’s a bit grumpy and turns into the Hulk who tears open the fence and enters. Once Hulk is spotted, Major Bingham at the Air Force Command base sounds a red alert. F-16 fighter jets start an assault on Hulk. Unawares to Hulk, he is actually at a base that houses 5 ICBM missiles carrying nuclear heads underground. When a side winder missile hits the Hulk (who is standing on a concealed ICBM silo), the impact shuts off communication between Command Base and the Bunker where that missile can be activated. Inside the bunker is a lunatic called Jamie Custer. Hearing the commotion above, he believes that the enemy has destroyed Command Base and all his friends and family. Believing this, he kills his colleague in the Bunker and takes his key to start the warhead.

On the surface, Banner has been separated from Hulk by the Uni-power to stop the warhead targeting the Soviet Union. Recognizing Banner, Hulk wallops him just as a commando unit comes to deactivate the warhead. They manage to enter the Bunker and kill Custer, but with his dying breath, he activates the warhead. The missile lifts off with Hulk on it and Captain Universe (Banner) in hot pursuit.

The President, informed of the incident, immediately contacts Soviet Chairman Brezhney and apprises him. Brezhney says that they will try to neutralize the warhead but if unsuccessful, they would initiate their own missiles targeting America.

In outer space, Banner fails to deactivate the warhead due to Hulk’s interference. Realizing that he has no choice, with a tear in his eye, Banner realizes what he must do. With utter selflessness, Banner detonates the warhead miles above the Earth. The Uni-power however shields both Hulk and Banner. Banner then realizes that the nuclear fallout as acid rain could kill millions, so, using the Uni-power he changes the radioactive atoms to harmless lead atoms. Having served his purpose, the Uni-power once again reunites him with the Hulk.

On Earth, Chairman Brezhney commends the President for his quick action. Custer’s body is taken away and Major Bingham asks the Lord to save us all from madmen. Hulk, who has reverted to Banner after landing in the middle of the ocean, nostalgically recalls that brief moment when he was separated from the Hulk- his lifelong curse- before swimming away.

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Rick Leonardi
Chic Stone
Bob Sharen
Al Milgrom (Cover Penciler)

Editor: Al Milgrom.


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(Bruce Banner)

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