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Incredible Hulk Annual #8: Review

Dec 1979
Roger Stern, Sal Buscema

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4.5 stars

Incredible Hulk Annual #8 Review by (March 29, 2018)
Review: The first clash between these two gamma-spawned monsters is an action-packed, fantastic classic. But perhaps the most critical aspect of the tale is that we see how both Banner and Hulk, in their ways, are very unsatisfied with the monster's behaviour. The doctor considers ending his life and the beast, cries, reactions seldom seen in these two. The monstrosity inside Banner is evident to the secondary characters. One thinks of it as a suitable punching bag. The other one gets terrified by it. Nevertheless, it is nurse Maureen who feels sympathy for the misunderstood goliath, showing that sometimes, a gentle soul sees through the thick skin of ugliness. Such allows her to receive love and respect from the other end proving that some monsters are of that nature only temporarily and react well when treated with genuine care.

Comments: The Hulk meets Sasquatch. Writer/artist John Byrne participated in the script.


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Incredible Hulk Annual #8 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Image from Incredible Hulk Annual #8
This story follows Hulk #237 where Machine Man hypnotised the Hulk and sent him flying through the skies. Now, on a clear night in northeastern British Columbia, the green behemoth is plunging unconscious to the ground as a ball of flame!

The harsh landing is felt for miles, awaking nurse Maureen Mores-Friesen who decides to investigate in case someone may need her help. Her cat Zach comes along. When she finds the Hulk partially buried, she first tries to run away. But, believing the monster could suffocate, she turns back and using a shovel, dugs out the dirt from around his head. Exhausted, she falls to sleep nearby.

When the Hulk wakes up and sees Maureen with a shovel, he incorrectly believes that she tried to bury him. Waking her up looking for answers, Maureen runs away in panic but is caught by Hulk, twisting her ankle.  After her explaining the facts, the monster realises that she tried to help him, and carries her back to her cabin.

Meanwhile, alerted to the Hulk's presence, a secret unit of the Canadian Ministry of Defense, code-named Department H, sends Dr Walter Langkowski AKA Sasquatch to contain the emerald menace.

Back in the woods, Maureen fixes something to eat for the Hulk while he listens to soothing music (a Beauty and the Beast melody). Such does trigger the transformation into Bruce Banner who then calms Maureen down as she experiences a breakdown.

A helicopter carrying Dr Langkowski is now nearby. He consciously causes his metamorphosis into Sasquatch and leaps to the ground from 1,000 ft to search for his target.

Banner binds Maureen's sore ankle and wonders why the pretty lady decided to live alone in the forest. But Maureen tells him that she lives there with her husband, Nelson, an army doctor who is currently in town. Would Banner ever have a happy life, he asks himself. As they're chatting, Zach, her cat, walks out. Using a walking stick, Maureen goes after her pet and urges Banner to wait for her return.

Banner listens on the radio about the billions in cost due to the Hulk's recent rampages in Central City, California. Such cannot go on, he believes, grabbing a rifle which could put an end to Hulk's menace. Suddenly, out loud, Maureen screams!

Carrying the gun, Banner rushes out in her aid and finds her with a 10 ft orange-fur monster, the Sasquatch. The eloquent monster lets the woman go, clarifying he is only interested in testing himself against the Hulk. Banner dismisses the idea, but Sasquatch insists, pushing Banner around or throwing him up into the air to cause the transformation. Maureen demands Sasquatch to let Banner go. Accidentally, he does, Banner's shirt tore, falling from Sasquatch's grasp from a high cliff. The plunge is long, and Banner fights the transformation to put an end to his misery.

But he died not. The Hulk climbs up the mountain looking for who tried to hurt him and lunges over Sasquatch. The Canadian super-agent proves to be a formidable opponent; he's vastly strong. An eye-catching battle follows. But the Hulk's strength increases as he gets more upset, eventually felling his enemy. Sasquatch dodges the Hulk's killing blow in the nick of time, causing an avalanche that comes down over Maureen. Sasquatch leaps to protect her and Hulk believing he's trying to hurt the girl, leaps in too. Vast amounts of rock bury them.

Several minutes later, Sasquatch comes out from under the stones, holding Maureen who is unscratched. There is no sight of Hulk. Langkowski laments that his egotistic research caused Banner's demise. But Hulk finally emerges, enraged, blood-thirsty for Sasquatch! His wrath is such, Maureen gets terrified. Comprehending who is causing such fear, Hulk halts and turns around. Sasquatch does not understand and apologises. Hulk doesn't accept his exculpation, smacks him and jumps away.

As he leaps through the Rocky Mountains, Hulk ponders why Maureen got frightened. Why his true nature prevents him from having friends. Tears fall from his eyes.

Note: The rest of the Alpha Flight team (Aurora, Shaman, Vindicator, Northstar and Snowbird) is shown on a large monitor in the Department H's quarters. And Vindicator appears in a flashback.

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Sal Buscema
Alfredo Alcala
George Roussos
Al Milgrom (Cover Penciler)
Al Milgrom (Cover Inker)
Letterer: Jim Novak.


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(Walter Langkowski)

Plus: Vindicator (James Hudson).

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