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Invincible Iron Man #205: Review

Apr 1986
Dennis O'Neil, M. D. Bright

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The Resurrection Gambit

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #205 Review by (October 24, 2016)
Comments: MODOK was assassinated by the Serpent Society in CAPTAIN AMERICA #313; he will return to full health a decade later in AVENGERS #386–388 and CAPTAIN AMERICA #440-441. And don't panic, Bethany Cabe will be back in issue #207. Bet you weren't going to panic anyway. Sign of the Times: We don't see much of the audience at the convention center but what we see are all men; female investors and industrialists are an anomaly at this time.

Review: I must say, the Silver Centurion armor is very attractive, giving a classy look to the series. A nice bright hopeful direction for the series (matching the new armor), as Tony dedicates himself to a constructive goal, rather than something grim and dark as things would develop over the years for comics in general (this issue was published the year of WATCHMEN and THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS). And that final page is beautiful. I'm psyched to see what's next.


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Invincible Iron Man #205 Synopsis by T Vernon
Iron Man flies into space where a communications satellite is slipping down into the atmosphere. He catches it and replaces it in its proper orbit. Returning to Earth, Tony Stark confides in Rhodey that he is looking for a new purpose in life....

At the A.I.M. base, Yorgon Tykkio quarrels with the Scientist Supreme [BTW the two are brothers] and concocts a scheme to seize control of the organization. He starts by making improvements to the dead body of MODOK, used as a mere computer by A.I.M....

Talking things over with Bethany Cabe and Rhodey, Tony decides that what he would like to work on is a permanent space station. He and Rhodey go around the country, soliciting funds from industry and government. Bethany takes this time to inform Tony that she is going back to Germany to work things out with her husband....

At a hotel convention center, Tony, in the Iron Man armor, is addressing a group of potential investors when the remote controlled MODOK crashes through the wall to challenge him. Shellhead uses his shielding capabilities to protect the fleeing guests from flying debris and withstands violent attacks from his foe to hold up the building supports so that everyone can get out safely. Once the building is evacuated though, the Armored Avenger takes the fight to MODOK (while realizing there is something different about his old enemy this time). After a brutal and intense battle that reaches a stalemate, MODOK self-destructs, further confusing out hero....

Back at A.I.M. HQ, Yorgon Tykkio is locked up for his foolish waste of resources, which doesn't change his mind about rebellion....

A month later, Iron Man kicks off the new project with a ceremony where he places the first component of the planned space station in orbit: the power plant....

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M. D. Bright
Ian Akin
Bob Sharen
M. D. Bright (Cover Penciler)
Brian Garvey (Cover Inker)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

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