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Invincible Iron Man #207: Review

Jun 1986
Dennis O'Neil, M. D. Bright

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #207 Review by (November 8, 2016)
Comments: Part one of two parts. Boca Caliente is Spanish for “hot mouth.” Halley's Comet's approach to Earth was January-March 1986, so clearly this story is set a little before the publication dates implies. Mark Gruenwald introduces a revamped letters page.

Review: Love that cover! And the issue is very good too: the new Silver Centurion armor looks lovely in this outer space adventure featuring some very satisfying art by Mark Bright et al.


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Invincible Iron Man #207 Synopsis by T Vernon
A nice splash page of Iron Man working at his space station is followed by a cut to the Caribbean nation of Boca Caliente where the new dictator is gunned down by the American gangster who helped him take over....

On A.I.M.'s underwater base, the Scientist Supreme tells his imprisoned brother Yorgon Tykkio about his scheme to use Tykkio's orbiting lens to destroy the armies of Boca Caliente and seize power. Tykkio mocks him for his lack of vision....

In East Germany, Bethany Cabe finds her husband Alex unconscious amid a lot of drug paraphernalia....

Clytemnestra Erwin tells Tony Stark and James Rhodes that she is considering leaving to join a team tracking Halley's Comet....

The next day, Iron Man and Rhodey fly up to the space station to install what they were told is an orbiting observatory; suddenly A.I.M. seizes control of the device revealing it to be a death ray, destroying the air force of Boca Caliente and killing the gangsters. A.I.M. aircraft follow the first strike, wreaking havoc. Blaming himself for the disaster, Shellhead attacks the device but the ray shifts to target him, keeping him at a distance. Meanwhile, Yorgon Tykkio escapes from his cell and takes control of the device from the ground, changing its target to Washington, D.C. Iron Man takes a chance and fires everything he's got at the orbiting killer and blows it up, sending the wreckage crashing through Earth's atmosphere....

In Boca Caliente, the Scientist Supreme informs the populace that they are now subjects of A.I.M....

Returning to Earth, Tony blames himself for what happened and figures he can only atone by liberating Boca Caliente....

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M. D. Bright
Ian Akin
Bob Sharen
M. D. Bright (Cover Penciler)
Brian Garvey (Cover Inker)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

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