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Invincible Iron Man #2: Review

Dec 2004
Warren Ellis, Adi Granov

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Extremis Two of Six

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #2 Review by (May 21, 2013)
The Stark International board want Tony Stark to step down as CEO and take on the role of Chief Technologist, where he can continue inventing things in his 'garage' which is what he spends most of his time doing anyway. He refuses, worried that a new CEO would return to military contracts. (He brushes aside the fact that he still designs weapons for SHIELD, claiming that SHIELD's an international agency so that's OK.) Tony's been holding the meeting remotely from his plane as he flies to Futurepharm. Tony, Maya Hansen and the older man Sal Kennedy all met at the same tech conference. Sal has continued his counterculture route. He knows Maya's research is funded by the military, and that she's always dreamed of replicating Captain America's super-soldier process. He also claims Stark can't help but be working for the military/government/big corporations, whether he knows it or not. (But Stark International *is* one of the big corporations!) Sal also seems to suggest Tony is having a mid-life crisis:- what's it all for? This theme will resurface in the Marvel NOW Iron Man series.


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Invincible Iron Man #2 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Stark's Board of Directors presents Tony with the copmany's latest invention: the world's most advanced cellular phone, capable among other things to connect to the Internet anywhere in the world (using Stark's Zipsat satellite constellation). Tony Stark tells them to make money from that phone, and desist from looking military contracts.

Tony arrives at Futurepharm where his friend Dr. Maya Hasen explains that her project director (who killed himself in the previous issue) stole a dose of Extremis and gave it to an unknown. Tony uses his new phone to send data from the burglar scientist's PC to be analyzed, and takes Maya to a common friend called Sal to cheer her up. But Sal doesn't really do that.

Meanwhile, Madden Mallen enters the Houston FBI division, kills police, and civilians, and destroys parts of the building. He's practically invulnerable to bullets, has tremendous strength, and can throw fire from his throat.

When Maya and Stark watch the live CNN coverage on his phone, she realizes that the one responsible is whoever took the Extremis dose.

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Adi Granov
Adi Granov
Adi Granov
Adi Granov (Cover Penciler)
Adi Granov (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Randy Gentile.
Editor: Tom Brevoort.


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

Plus: Mallen, Maya Hansen, Sal Kennedy.

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