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Marvel Comics Presents #108: Review

Aug 1992
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4 stars

Marvel Comics Presents #108 Review by (October 15, 2021)
As usual this anthology issue is presented as a flip-book with 2 front covers, half the contents to be read from the back and both ends sequentially page-numbered from 1. The placement of the indicia and next issue box indicate that the Wolverine/Nightcrawler cover is the front (that and the fact that it's Wolverine). This is part of a long run of issues with Wolverine on the front cover and Ghost Rider on the back. Sam Kieth does both covers.

The Neuri in the Wolverine/Nightcrawler story were introduced in the Wolverine: Bloodlust 1-shot. Most of them left Earth for another dimension hundreds of years ago.

The Nauda in the Young Gods story was probably just a mistake for Nuada Of The Silver Hand of the Tuatha De Danaan, but the Marvel Chronology Project treats them as 2 separate entities although Nauda seems to have Nuada's memories of the battles against the Fomorians. The Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica sorts it out by saying that Nuada possessed mortal King Nauda until Nauda died, but then Nauda's spirit thought he was Nuada and concocted the plot here.
I don't know why Thor is shown in *Nuada*'s memories with the Tuatha De Danaan. The MCP ignores this, and I don't think it's related to their time together with lots of other gods in a flashback in Thor #300.

Another gang of Braineaters were defeated by the Werewolf in #54-59.

The Thanos story is a tie-in to the Infinity War mini-series, specifically #3, although this issue isn't bannered as such.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Comics Presents #108 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
As usual this anthology contains 4 8-page stories with no adverts.

Wolverine/Nightcrawler in Male Bonding part 8 of 8: Together Forever ... A Pair
Writer Scott Lobdell. Pencils Gene Colan. Inks Al Williamson. Letters Michael Higgins. Colours Kelly Corvese.

In this story Nightcrawler took time off from Excalibur to return to the German circus that raised him, and Wolverine took time off from the X-Men to visit him. They discovered that Jutta and other mutated members of the circus were determined to kill a band of 'monsters' disguised as humans. When the peaceful monsters were exposed the local villagers grabbed pitchforks and flaming torches (as they do) and chased them to a (convenient) ruined castle which caught fire. Last issue Kurt Wagner went to save the monsters while Logan dealt with the circus folk.

Nightcrawler bamfs into the castle where the monsters explain they are Neuri who left their people to study humanity. But now they just want to die together as a family. Hearing some humans trapped in the burning castle with them Nightcrawler and 1 of the Neuri go and help them escape. The villagers think they are attacking the humans until the saved ones explain the truth. But Jutta arrives and uses her flame power to kill the 'monster'. Then Wolvie catches up and kills (I think) her. The villagers douse the monster's flames but he tries to crawl back into the castle to his family. Kurt teleports him there and Logan follows the hard way. All the Neuri are dead so the heroes port out again to deliver the moral of the story.

Young Gods in Against A Rogue God part 8 of 9: Nauda's Tale
Writers Gerry Conway/Eric Fein. Pencils Scott Kolins. Inks Jonathan Holdredge. Letters Michael Higgins. Colours Tom Smith.

The Young Gods have been captured by the rogue god Nauda and he now has the 3 Black Stones he needs to restore his power.

But for this issue he tells them his history. He led the Tuatha De Danaan to Ireland to take it from the Fir Bolg and their gods the Fomorians. They won but Nauda lost his right hand until Dian Cecht replaced it with a hand of silver. The Fir Bolg/Fomorians were confined to Connacht but rebelled and in the 2nd war Nauda was killed. He recruited followers in the Underworld who created the Black Stones and planted them in the Middle East to gain power from hate, guarded by a robot which the Young Gods destroyed in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #8. So his followers separated the Stones for safety, but now the YG have gathered them together and it's time for Nauda to use their power to rule the world (of course).

Ghost Rider/Werewolf in Return Of The Braineaters part 2 of 6: Claw And Bone
Writer Chris Cooper. Pencils John Staniski. Inks James Palmiotti/Ken Branch. Letters Steve Dutro. Colours Fred Mendez.

Last issue Jack Russell (Werewolf By Night) followed a gang of biker werewolf Braineaters to Prospect Park in Brooklyn where he was too late to save their latest 2 victims. The killings were witnessed by young Billy Baldwin who saw the the villains in their human forms. He also saw Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) attack Jack thinking he was the murderer.

Billy watches them fight until they spot him. Then he blurts out that the Werewolf is innocent and runs away. Ghost Rider drives off. We see that the bikers are at Billy's house. They've killed his parents and now his sister because they can't tell them where the son is. So they wait until he comes home but Billy sees them. Meanwhile our Werewolf tracks Dan Ketch to Cypress Hills Cemetery.

Thanos in I, Thanos part 1 of 4: Into The Abyss
Writer Jim Starlin. Pencils Larry Alexander. Inks Tim Tuohy. Letters Michael Higgins. Colours John Kalisz.

Thanos and the Infinity Watch (Adam Warlock, Drax, Gamora, Moondragon and Pip The Troll) have tracked a mysterious energy through dimensions to what turned out to be just a repeater station (in Infinity War #3). Now they are waiting while Thanos' teleporting 'chair'/platform recalibrates to follow the trail further to its source, the universe-threatening Magus. Even though he has given up his goal of universal domination (after he gained it in the Infinity Gauntlet event and found it unsatisfying) he still fancies stealing whatever power Magus has. But his thoughts are interrupted when his spirit is taken by Death through a dimensional rift to a large red crystal which is an entrance to her realm. Thanos thinks his spirit wouldn't survive the passage so he blasts a hole in the gem and enters on his own terms. He enters Death's skull-shaped abode prepared to suffer her vengeance, the 1st phase of which is an attack by her Legion Of The Doomed.

Sam Keith (Cover Penciler)
Sam Keith (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: ?.
Editor: Terry Kavanagh. Editor-in-chief: Tom DeFalco.


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(Kurt Wagner)

(Jack Russell)

(James Howlett)

Plus: Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch), Infinity Watch, Young Gods.

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