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New Avengers #9: Review

Sep 2005
Brian Michael Bendis, Steve McNiven

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The Sentry—Part Three

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3 stars

New Avengers #9 Review by (March 2, 2010)
Variant cover by Herb Trimpe is designed to look like a Silver Age Marvel comic. Brief flashbacks to Sentry’s origin are done in the style of Jack Kirby and Alex Ross.

New Avengers #9 Review by (June 10, 2013)
When Reed Richards investigated his files for the Illuminati, he found video messages from Bob Reynolds that he'd forgotten all about. Messages like the one he plays to Bob, where Bob says he keeps having interludes where he remembers being the Sentry and working with heroes like Mr Fantastic. But then he forgets it all again. Emma Frost looked in Reed's mind and found lots of hidden memories of the Sentry. Then she looked in Reynolds' mind and found repressed memories there too. Then the final secret memory tells us that Mastermind was hired to make Sentry forget, and to use the mental power that controlled his super powers to make the world forget too. And to make sure Bob never remembers, Mastermind made him believe that if he uses his powers the Void will destroy the world. We still have things left for next issue to explain, like the identity of Mastermind's employer, the Sentry comic books in the Marvel universe, and whether the previous Sentry series is still true. Emma comments that Bob's memories of Sentry's origin look strange. These panels are taken from Sentry #1, where they were deliberately drawn in the more simplistic comic style of the 60's. And also these memories appear with captions. Mastermind was one of Magneto's original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. His most famous exploit was using his telepathic illusion power to corrupt Jean Grey for the Hellfire Club in Uncanny X-Men #122-132 during the Dark Phoenix Saga. The name Jason Wyngarde was an in-joke by Claremont and Byrne. The illusory handsome look Mastermind gave himself in the Dark Phoenix arc is based on Jason King played by Peter Wyngarde. King starred in 2 British TV series in 1969-1972:- spy series Department S and his own adventure spinoff. Mastermind is now dead.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

New Avengers #9 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

At yesterday’s meeting with the Illuminati, Tony Stark asked for information on the Sentry and was startled to find that none of them had heard of the man—not even Mr. Fantastic, who had sent Matt Murdock out to the Raft to interview him (issue #1). Professor X suspected that someone had been tampering with Reed’s brain….

Today, outside Bob (The Sentry) Reynolds’ house in Hartford, the hideous world-destroying Void attacks the assembled heroes, as Bob watches in shock. Invisible Woman, Dr. Strange and Iron Man envelop Bob, Reed, and Emma Frost in their various protective fields, so they can help Bob recover his memories. As the other heroes battle the now flaming monster, Reed appeals to Bob to stop the attacks, but Bob doesn’t see how he can—it’s the Void that’s the enemy and besides, he’s just an ordinary guy. Reed shows Bob a recording he (Bob) had made earlier in a moment of lucidity, explaining to his current self how his mind had been tampered with and that he needs help to deal with this problem—or else to be put out of his misery. Bob reluctantly agrees to open his mind to Emma—and suddenly she’s in his brain, and together they are looking at a panorama of images from his past, with entire sections of his brain closed off by a complex memory repression. The memories of his origin resemble comic book pages and he sees the incident from earlier in the day of Captain America and Iron Man—then Emma spots a blocked off area. She removes the block and suddenly Bob sees Jason Wyngarde, the evil mutant Mastermind, shutting off the Sentry’s mind and convincing him that if he uses his powers the world will be attacked by a deadly threat. What he can’t see is the identity of the enemy who hired Mastermind to do this to him. The shocking revelation causes Bob to panic and run away from Emma, saying "You had no right!!!" Meanwhile, out in the real world, the Void, now morphed into a massive chitinous horned monster is bringing devastation down on the heroes, all the while shouting, "You had no right!"

Steve McNiven
Mark Morales
Morry Hollowell
David Finch (Cover Penciler)
Danny Miki (Cover Inker)
Frank D'Armata (Cover Colorist)


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