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Secret Wars #5: Review

Aug 2015
Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic

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Owen Reece Died for Our Sins

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4 stars

Secret Wars #5 Review by (August 15, 2015)
Review: Clearly this epic event can only be judged in its entirety so I won’t waste your time and ours by trying to review something this strange. Catch me when it’s over.

Secret Wars #5 Review by (August 15, 2015)
We see some of last issues scattered heroes here. The female Thor is with the Thor Corps in Doomgard, apparently befriended by the newest Thor recruit. Captain Marvel is a captive of Baron Sinister in Bar Sinister. Black Panther is in Egyptia. I also know that Star-Lord is in the Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde series. And Ultimate Spider-Man has materialised in Ultimate End #4. (The 'Marvel' Spider-Man in that series is unlikely to be the real 1. And Mr Fantastic is also unaccounted for.) We also see some scattered Cabal members. Namor is also in Egyptia facing his enemy Black Panther. Black Swan is in Doomstadt. And Thanos is beyond the Shield Wall with what appears to be a monument to fallen Thors. (And in the Siege series Kang has given a warning to the Shield guardians that Thanos will come to destroy Battleworld.) In the Marvel Universe the Future Foundation was created by Jonathan Hickman in his run on Fantastic Four. Valeria and a version of her brother Franklin were members. As were Alex Power, Bentley-23 and Dragon Man. But here Hickman has included Nostradamus and Night Machine (Nikola Tesla) from his SHIELD series. And for some reason he's dragged in the villain Psycho Man. Here we see a repeat of a scene from New Avengers #33 where Dr Doom, Dr Strange and Molecule Man looked down into a chasm that held an unrevealed secret weapon against the Beyonders. Here we see that secret was multiple Molecule Men.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN & MIGHTY DEFENDERS #1-2 Al Ewing uses an alternate world he invented in Iron Man: Fatal Frontier #9 where Ho Yinsen became Iron Man instead of Tony Stark. The title characters (including She-Hulk and White Tiger from Ewing's Mighty Avengers) defend Yinsen City against Mondo City where Luke Cage (also from Mighty Avengers) plays Judge Dredd (who Ewing has also written for). And he throws in the female Captain Britain from Avengers Assemble #15 (Age of Ultron) that he wrote too. But in the end Mondo City and Yinsen City kiss and make up for a brighter future. CAPTAIN MARVEL & CAROL CORPS #1-4 Captain Marvel leads a female squadron to defend the skies of Hala Field, not far north of the Shield wall. But she begins to question her superiors' orders. Now they intend to find out what lies in space beyond Battleworld. But others including some Thors are out to stop them. And the series ends with them heading out into space to find out. CIVIL WAR #1-5 The superhero Civil War never ended, and now the US is divided East/West into 2 nations led by Iron Man and Captain America. Miriam Sharpe is assassinated when she tries to negotiate a peace settlement. This increases the tension, and both sides infiltrate agents into the other. She-Hulk discovers it was Bullseye what done it. But she also finds that Black Panther, who supposedly died while causing the split, is alive but really Skrull Queen Veranke. And her plan is working as the 2 sides clash in all-out war. But the plan is revealed, and Cap and IM die to defeat the Skrulls. E IS FOR EXTINCTION #1-4 In the Mutopia zone, 10 years after Grant Morrison's New X-Men run, mutants are 'in'. But the older X-Men like Cyclops, Emma Frost and even Wolverine are aging fast and losing their powers. Prof X is dead (after an alternate version of the Cassandra Nova affair), and old Magneto leads a group of newer X-Men. Xorn (which 1?) and the Phoenix Egg turn up, which hatches out Cassandra Nova as Dark Phoenix.

Then there's an army of Beasts, and Prof X returns in the body of Quentin Quire. In the end Wolverine and Phoenix unite to cast out Cassandra. FUTURE IMPERFECT #1-5 Ruby Summers (alternate-future daughter of Cyclops and Emma Frost from the pages of X-Factor) is part of a rebellion (including Odin!) against the Baron of Dystopia, the future-Hulk Maestro. Maestro gets to fight a Thing who was Thunderbolt Ross. But he's really got his sights set on Dr Doom. And Layla Miller gets involved too. Maestro and Ross team up to find the Asgardian Destroyer to use against Doom, which turns out to be guarded by 'ancient one' Rick Jones. The final battle between Maestro and Doom of course doesn't end with Doom dead or displaced because we've got the rest of Secret Wars to get through. Instead Maestro is given the illusion that he's won. But on the other hand Maestro will be occupying what's left of Battleworld in Point One and Contest of Champions. GIANT-SIZE LITTLE MARVEL: AVX #1-4 In Marville the Marvel Babies re-enact Avengers Vs X-Men. Then little Guardians of the Galaxy and Inhumans join in. Who cares if it's got barely anything to do with Secret Wars? GUARDIANS OF KNOWHERE #1-4 The Guardians of the Galaxy's old base Knowhere is now a moon of Battleworld acting as a prison. They're currently defending it from Angela, followed by a new villain Yotat who doesn't last long. The next menace is someone who may be a Kree Accuser. Then it ends.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Secret Wars #5 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

There is a memorial service for the late Dr. Strange, conducted by the Thors. Doctor Doom and his family are there, none knowing that it was Doom himself who killed Strange (last issue). As the service concludes Franklin places a wreath of flowers about the neck of Strange’s statue and vows to avenge his murder….


Many hours later Valeria finds her father Doom still by Strange’s tomb. He charges her Future Foundation with tracking down the people who emerged from the life raft (Thanos and company) whom she assumes are the killers of Dr Strange. She wonders at how they managed to escape Doom’s wrath at the time but he cuts off all of her questions and sends her on her way…. With a muttered “Damn you” directed at Strange,

Doom passes into a place beneath the statue, brightly lit and empty except for Owen Reece, the Molecule Man who floats upside-down in his prison. The cynical Reese greets his old partner and they rehearse the situation that brought us all to where we are: the Beyonders had created the multiverse and placed a version of Owen Reece in each universe to allow for its destruction. Doom used the Reeces to obliterate universe after universe, and then they were joined by Stephen Strange. They managed to draw out and destroy the Beyonders with their own power, leaving Doom to become the god who assembled all he could save into the present Battleworld. Doom confesses that he killed Strange but Owen has already figured that out. Doom takes his leave….


At the headquarters of the Future Foundation, Valeria has Alex Power and Dragon Man fill the rest in on their newest discovery: a means of tracking the energy signatures of what they are calling the Stuff of Doom. Dr Strange’s energy displays as the opposite of Doom’s so they can track his movements and locate their enemies (Thanos and company) and find out why Doom is afraid of them….

Esad Ribic
Esad Ribic
Ive Svorcina
Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)


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