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Uncanny Avengers #14: Review

Sep 2016
Gerry Duggan, Ryan Stegman

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A failed experiment

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4 stars

Uncanny Avengers #14 Review by (September 30, 2016)
The funeral attendees here are a subset of those seen in The Fallen. And now we know why Cable and Rogue weren't included.

There are a few other mentions of Civil War II stuff, but this title is really just continuing on its own path. Perhaps more significant is the connection with the Captain America: Steve Rogers title.

Cap at this time has been brainwashed (during Avengers Standoff) to believe he works for Hydra, with a harsher personality to go with it. And he is indeed planning to 'handle' Red Skull in his own book by killing him and taking over Hydra.

Daniel Drumm was a Houngan, a Voodoo priest, and was killed. His brother Jericho took his place and was given Daniel's spirit to help him (Strange Tales #169). 'They' became Brother Voodoo, later changed to Dr Voodoo when he became Sorcerer Supreme in New Avengers #53. resurrected people before?

The Bar With No Doors is a Manhattan pub for magic-users that has been seen in many issues of the current Dr Strange series. As usual the barman is a head in a flying bottle that was Chondu the Mystic. The bar has been around for many decades, as seen in this series' Annual.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Uncanny Avengers #14 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In Tokyo the Hand get a call from someone who wants to make a deal in exchange for info about where Bruce Banner's body is going to be buried.

In New York Deadpool stands on the ruins of the Unity Squad's HQ, destroyed during the fight with Ultron in #10-12. (The people clearing the site up are apparently Damage Control.) He then visits a hospital where Quicksilver is recovering from a broken leg sustained in that fight. Synapse has been accelerating his healing. Pietro is just finishing a phone call - not to the Hand but to Red Skull.

DP and Synapse take QS to Banner's funeral, where they join other Squad members Captain America, Dr Voodoo and Human Torch, alongside Betty Ross, Silver Surfer, Thing and Tony Stark. Tony asks DrV if he can bring Bruce back, but Jericho Drumm says no. But the voice of his dead brother Daniel in his head complains that Jericho has been willing to do it for others in the past, but apparently not for BB or his own brother.

Cap asks Wade Wilson if why Cable and Rogue aren't here. DP says he doesn't know. Cap says he knows Cable is up to something (from 1 of Ulysses' visions last issue) and he wants to head trouble off at the pass. DP denies all knowledge.

We see Cable and Rogue with Sebastian Shaw and Toad stealing Terrigen Mist from the US Army. Rogue is worried that they may have just prevented the government from finding a cure for the M-Pox that is killing mutants, but the others believe that the humans want the Mist to get rid of the mutants. Cable transmits all the data they have been collecting to Dr Hank McCoy (anonymously because Beast is now working with the Inhumans and it appears Cable & Co stole some of the info from them).

They return to their aircraft where they find Deadpool waiting for them. He's been in on the plan all along but isn't happy about keeping it secret from Steve Rogers. But he can stop worrying about that because Cap has tracked him here.

Cable claims they kept SR out of it to give him plausible deniability. Cap intends to take them all in for their crimes. Rogue tries to reason with him. But Cable blasts Sebastian Shaw to charge up his power, and the fight starts.

Toad is already down and DP and Rogue keep out of it. Cap wins a fist fight with Shaw, but Cable has him down on the ground when Anna Marie steps in to stop him. She keeps Cap pinned down with her foot while the others escape. Wade decides to stay with her.

Wade tries to justify his actions by saying that his daughter Ellie Comacho is a mutant, and therefore at risk from the Terrigen Mist. Steve says if they'd been straight with him he'd have found a way to help them. Cable and Rogue are off the team and DP is fired too. Rogue tries to intercede on Wade's behalf, but Cap just decides that the whole Squad is disbanded.

Rogue tries 1 more ploy. Steve should keep the team going to hunt down Red Skull. He says he'll handle RS alone. Deadpool comments that he hasn't succeeded at that over many decades. Cap hits him with his shield and leaves.

Dr Voodoo is in the Bar With No Doors when he is astonished to be joined by his brother alive and embodied. Daniel stabs him and tells him that the Hand resurrected him. It was he who told them where to find Banner's body, and we see them digging up the coffin.

Ryan Stegman
Ryan Stegman
Richard Isanove
Ryan Stegman (Cover Penciler)
Ryan Stegman (Cover Inker)
Richard Isanove (Cover Colorist)


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