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Uncanny Avengers #11: Review

Jul 2016
Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz

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4 stars

Uncanny Avengers #11 Review by (August 5, 2016)
Well everyone on the team (except Synapse and Cable) had a go at Ultron this time. But it was really the old guard's show - Cap, Vision and Wasp, and now Iron Man.

Vision ordering all Avengers to initiate Project Icarus was a bit of hyperbole. Technically it was currently-non-Avenger Captain Marvel telling definitely-not-Avengers Alpha Flight to unleash Iron Man (well 1 out of 3 ain't bad). And surely the Golden Avenger can unleash himself, even in the bulky Hulkbuster armour.


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Uncanny Avengers #11 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue our merry band learned that the Ultron/Henry Pym merger that had returned from space wasn't controlled by Hank but by Ultron as they suspected. Wasp temporarily stopped the villain with a miniaturised EMP device and Deadpool shot him in the head over Captain America's protest.

Except now we learn that it was just a warning shot clipping his ear. And Ultron recovers and stabs DP through the chest. Cable and Human Torch are already down. But now an unexpected (to us - this is all part of Cap's strategy) player enters as Vision bursts through the floor. As he attacks he sends out a call to all Avengers to execute Project Icarus.

As Ultron fights back he continues to insist the he is Hank Pym as well, switching between the 2 voices. Vision seems to hit a sore point when he claims that the robot has never succeeded in killing the Avengers because he always wanted to be 1 of them, which is why he's pretending to be Pym. Cap tells Jan to use the EMP again if Vision is out of range.

We take a trip into really deep space where Captain Marvel is fighting a space octopus. She can't make it back quickly, but she authorises Alpha Flight to deploy Project Icarus. They launch a plane from their space station to where Vision is.

Back on Earth Cable calls for Wasp to bring the EMP back to Unity Squad HQ. They need it to save Deadpool's life. Where Ultron stabbed him techno-stuff is taking over his body, and Synapse can sense it approaching his brain. Jan agrees and tells Vision to bring Ultron there as well.

The synthezoid/robot battle is interrupted by Quicksilver and Rogue. Pietro's speed drags Ultron where they want him. But then the robot breaks his back (I think). Rogue zooms in to continue the fight, and Cap, Human Torch and Dr Voodoo join in too.

But then Wasp fires the recharged EMP to stop Ultron and the tech-stuff in Deadpool at the same time. And Cable telekinetically rips the stuff out of DP's body, and leaves Wade's healing factor to do the rest.

As Ultron lies inert he starts talking in Pym's voice, but then moves to 1 which the speech bubbles suggest is a combination of both. Vision arrives now that the EMP has gone off. But their foe reverts to the Hank voice to berate them for not searching for him in space.

The AI in Cable's cyborg arm reboots so they know Ultron will soon be back up. Cap tries to use his triangular shield to sever the robot's legs, but Ultron is too fast. Vision orders everyone out and goes into a trial of strength with the enemy.

But then Vizh reveals that he was just keeping Ultron in place as the Project Icarus craft arrives and drops off Iron Man in a Hulkbuster armour to land on top of the robot.

Pepe Larraz
Pepe Larraz
David Curiel
Ryan Stegman (Cover Penciler)
Ryan Stegman (Cover Inker)
Richard Isanove (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America

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