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Uncanny Avengers #4: Review

Jan 2016
Gerry Duggan, Ryan Stegman

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Always shoot a swordsman

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4 stars

Uncanny Avengers #4 Review by (January 28, 2016)
Now that Secret Wars #9 has come and gone (in the same week as this issue) we now know why Human Torch and Thing are the only members of the Fantastic Four left on what is now called Prime Earth (not Earth Prime, DC have that). Reed and Sue Richards and their children and the rest of the Future Foundation kids have gone off to explore the new multiverse (that RR, Molecule Man and Franklin Richards have created).
This doesn't actually explain what Ben and Johnny *think* has happened to their 'family'. Not to mention those characters apart from Reed on Battleworld weren't supposed to be the Earth-616 versions.

Synapse's brother is an obvious hanging plot point. As is Shredded Man's 'I'll be back'.

Henry Pym was last seen merged with Ultron heading out to space at the end of the Rage of Ultron GN. Given that Pym was involved as Yellowjacket with the Avengers/New Avengers/end of the multiverse stuff right up until Secret Wars, then Rage of Ultron must have happened in the alternate history of Prime Earth. This would make that GN 1 of the 1st published stories in the reboot, tying with Avengers: Ultron Forever which had Danielle Cage as the future Captain America 20XX (now appearing in New Avengers #5) and mentioning Qeng Enterprises (run by Mr Gryphon the behind the scenes villain in ANAD Avengers).


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Uncanny Avengers #4 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue Cable came from the future to help the team stop the Shredded Man and his biological army from infesting the world. (Or rather he came back to stop them messing up.) That issue ended with the villain revealing to Synapse that he is her grandfather.

We flashback 8 months to the results of the Terrigen bomb during the Infinity event, giving superpowers to humans worldwide who have the Inhuman gene. Ivan Guerrero helps his grandaughter Emily out of her cocoon. She has a brother who isn't ready to emerge. Ivan can communicate with plants. Emily detects electricity within animal brains.

Now in Boston as the Shredded Man Ivan is out to purge the world of humans with a spore-borne pathogen (leaving only Inhumans) before humanity wrecks the planet. But Avenger Synapse won't let him.

Meanwhile the rest of the team are fighting the villain's plant-born doglike and batlike creatures. Cable as usual uses a big gun, but Deadpool is out of ammo. So he gets Rogue to launch him in a fastball special so he can slice and dice a giant bat. Quicksilver goes to get more bullets, and returns immediately with the contents of a gun shop, including the counter and salesman. Who is honoured to join DP in mowing down more creatures.

Human Torch isn't with them because he's at MIT where he's got some guys to synthesise more of an antitoxin provided by Cable, and to create an antidote gun. But it's untested, so Johnny Storm does what he thinks Reed Richards would have done in a desperate situation like this - he tests it on himself.

After this rigorous clinical trial Quicksilver races around town injecting infected victims. He sometimes has to return to MIT to reload with serum. But Dr Voodoo keeps searching for more victims, trying to keep them alive until Pietro can get to them.

Suddenly Cable gets a psychic vision of Emily about to kill Ivan. He runs over there, guided by his AI Belle. Synapse tells herself that this Shredded Man is no longer the man she knew. But Cable tackles her, saying that if she kills him they won't be able to stop the infection and the spread of his mutated plants and plant-animals.

Cable tells the SM that he's from 2087 where only Inhumans survive. But as well as an antidote he's brought back a 2nd drug that will remove Inhuman immunity. Ivan is willing to die for his cause, but Cable shoots Synapse with the drug. Emily says she'd rather die than live in the world her grandfather is creating. So Ivan saves both her and the world by willing everything he created to self-destruct.

But that includes the Shredded Man body. As it crumbles leaving his skeleton he says that he can grow another. And when he returns Emily will have forfeited his love.

Cable promises to let Synapse tell the others about her grandfather in her own time. They all take a copter back to Uncanny Avengers HQ and Steve Rogers.

Rogers refuses Deadpool's resignation again. He persuades Cable to stay with them by revealing that their secret mission is to get Prof X's brain back from Red Skull.

In an epilogue out in space we see someone save a spaceship from some space creatures. The crew think he's a Spaceknight, but he reveals himself to be Hank Pym in the armour that is Ultron. And he/they are on their way home to Earth.

Ryan Stegman
Ryan Stegman
Richard Isanove
Ryan Stegman (Cover Penciler)
Ryan Stegman (Cover Inker)
Richard Isanove (Cover Colorist)


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