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Uncanny Avengers #8: Review

Apr 2016
Gerry Duggan, Ryan Stegman

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Student debt

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4 stars

Uncanny Avengers #8 Review by (April 14, 2016)
Ryan Stegman's art is a lot better now he's not inking himself (mostly).

It's strange how some of the cast have retained trademark features whilst in other cases the appearance of Pleasant Hill inm ates has changed completely.

Rogue hurt Carol Danvers way back in Avengers Annual #10 after Ms Marvel's 1st series had ended. She stole her powers completely. But of course that MsM got better eventually.

This issue and last Deadpool has been expressing a personal dislike of Connecticut, where Pleasant Hill is. Not being a follower of this guy I don't know whether this is a thing with him.

Jane Foster/Thor doesn't appear to be cancer-sufferer Jane so I guess it's the female Thor in civilian clothes.

To be continued in ANADA#8


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Uncanny Avengers #8 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Someone named Claire (obviously Rogue by the white streak in her hair) is walking her dog in Pleasant Hill. She passes various people, among them a muscled guy with white hair, eyepatch and missing arm (Cable), a female working out with a long knotted ponytail (Synapse), a slim white-haired guy vigorously sweeping some steps (probably Quicksilver) and a fireman who apparently keeps hitting on her.

When she gets home she receives another in a series of anonymous phone calls telling her she must remember. She agrees to meet in the man's study, and then she does remember.

She remembers being Rogue, and being instructed in psychic defence by Prof X. She chose him as the image her subconscious would provide to warn against psychic attack. An X pattern on the wall of her kitchen has been another signal.

Rogue bursts out of her house (smashing the front door and its frame) and accosts he neighbour Chet who's fuelling his lawnmower. She pours petrol over him and sets him alight to convince him he's Human Torch. They go into town to wake the others of the Unity Squad up.

They stop outside the gym where Rogue says Synapse and Quicksilver are inside. (Oops, I was wrong about Pietro - he's presumably the slim guy on the treadmill.) While Rogue explains her theory to Johnny Storm about this being a new type of prison, the villain Wizard passes by and Ms Marvel cycles past.

Kamala Khan chooses that moment to fall off her bike, but won't listen when Rogue points out that she expanded her hand to break her fall. When Rogue presses the point, claiming that Kamala is an Avenger, the teen lashes out with a punch that sends the X-person flying - at the same time shouting "You hurt Carol!". Rogue retaliates by flying the young girl into the sky, where she regains her memory.

Meanwhile Torch has recruited Quicksilver and Synapse, plus Cable and Dr Voodoo. (It turns out, I think, that he was the guy sweeping up. The white was just the top of his hair. And I didn't notice the slight brown skin colouring. But he's had time to change the colour of his trousers.) Cable calls in Deadpool, who turns out to be the fireman. Who isn't too happy when the illusion of normal skin fades.

More detailed recent memories are beginning to return - SHIELD and multiple Maria Hills. A hilltop and the Avengers. And a little girl.

Dr Voodoo can locate the other Avengers and Synapse thinks she can use her brain manipulation to bring their memories back. 1st stop is the mechanic who is Tony Stark. When he comes back to his senses his 1st act (after wondering where his armour is) is to renew his complaint about Steve Rogers making Deadpool an Avenger. (Without comment we've also seemed to gain Spider-Man/Miles Morales, who we saw as Tony's assistant mechanic in ANAD Avengers #7, and Nova.)

Dr Voodoo says his spells won't work in finding Vision, but Rogue thinks she knows who he is. She takes MsM to a piano shop we saw earlier where the owner is playing his stock. Rogue realised that his playing was too technically perfect. Vision quickly accepts the situation. He knew something wrong because he couldn't feel anything when his hands bled from constant playing.

Back at the mechanic's garage the gangs are all here (except for Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson) because Thor/Jane Foster has joined them. But so too does the little girl (Kobik) who's not happy to see them 'awake'.

Ryan Stegman
Mark Morales
Richard Isanove
Ryan Stegman (Cover Penciler)
Ryan Stegman (Cover Inker)
Richard Isanove (Cover Colorist)


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