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Uncanny Avengers #22: Review

Apr 2017
Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz

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Rogue won

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4 stars

Uncanny Avengers #22 Review by (April 25, 2017)
Wonder Man is a being of ionic energy. In #22 of the 1st Uncanny Avengers series he was absorbed into Rogue. This issue makes it seem like he's just been released form there. However in #1 of the 2nd UAv series his consciousness was supposedly removed from her to go who knows where. Maybe next issue will clear things up.

Red Skull's story is continued in Captain America: Steve Rogers #15 where Cap appears to kill him as a rival power within Hydra. This all leads up to him leading Hydra in the takeover of the US in Secret Empire.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Uncanny Avengers #22 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue the team broke free of Red Skull's mental control and delivered him unconscious to Beast (the X-Man who's now living with the Inhumans in New Attilan) for brain surgery to remove Charles Xavier's stolen telepathic powers.

Now they're waiting in the hospital for the surgery to be successful. Rogue is with Beast wearing Magneto's helmet which shields her from telepathic control, just in case Skull wakes up before they're done. Synapse is trying to reawaken Cable's mind - which he shut down in #19 so that RS couldn't take him over. Dr Voodoo, Human Torch, Quicksilver and Wasp are watching Deadpool refusing to stay in his hospital bed - mind-controlled Rogue beat him severely in #20-21 before he got the helmet on her head.

Rogue exits the operating theatre with a box containing the part of Prof X's brain that Red Skull had added to his own. Now she can safely ditch Magneto's helmet. Then Captain America (Steve Rogers) turns up with SHIELD troops to take Skull into custody. He commends the team on a job well done, but still stands by making them unofficial in #14 after they broke into a government building alongside known villains.

Then he asks Rogue to hand over (the piece of) Xavier's brain. It's a weapon of mass destruction and needs to be kept securely. But Rogue doesn't trust anyone with it, and says she's going to make sure it can never be misused again. Cap gears up for a fight but she just smashes her way out of the building.

Once airborne she calls Torch to join her. She tells him to incinerate the box and its contents. Then he leaves Rogue alone with the floating ashes.

Red Skull detects the end of the brain as they load him into the SHIELD van. Cap gets in with him, and RS asks him how he could let them destroy such power. And we know that Steve is currently a member of Hydra with the Skull, and wanted Xavier's brain for that organisation.

Wasp is with Dr Voodoo and Quicksilver outside the hospital. She says she's ready for the vacation she wanted after the Hank Pym/Ultron affair that brought her back into the team in #10-14. HT joins them, and Deadpool (with hospital gown and IV drip) exits pursued by staff saying his Avengers health insurance is no longer valid.

They return to their base in the abandoned Schaeffer Theatre where they are joined by Rogue and Synapse (but for some reason Quicksilver's not with them) for a serious drinking session. Wasp quits early. The others toast the end of the team. Synapse wonders if they could get a message to Cable in the future to warn him to avoid his coma.

DP heads for the roof and Rogue follows him. He assures her he doesn't hate her for the beating she gave him. He's always getting beaten up - and he has a healing factor. She takes him into the sky and kisses him, using her power to absorb his injuries including his permanent cancer - leaving him with an unscarred body and taking it all upon herself. Then she kisses him again on the ground to see into his mind, and sees him cradling the dead body of Carmelita Camacho (DP(2013)#18).

Then they kiss again just because they like it. But the ionic Wonder Man appears demanding to know what's going on. And Rogue appears to be unconscious.

Pepe Larraz
Pepe Larraz
David Curiel
David Marquez (Cover Penciler)
David Marquez (Cover Inker)
Marte Gracia (Cover Colorist)


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