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A+X #16: Review

Jan 2014
Sean Ryan, Goran Parlov

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3 stars

A+X #16 Review by (November 1, 2022)

Review: The first story featuring Spidey and Psylocke is called in the solicit “a heart-breaking story from their past.” The past is implied by the fact that Dr. Octopus is currently the Superior Spider-Man and Peter Parker is out of action, as this very series demonstrates. But besides that, I have no idea what is going on (nor does Spidey); is this a vignette from a famous story in the past? No idea. Well done but a complete puzzlement. Part four of the Cap/Cyclops team-up gives us a major twist: the mutant Skrulls are the good guys, with the revelation that chopped up Skrulls have been part of the beef supply for a very long time. Though it’s going to take a lot more than some bad news about fictional characters to make me give up meat. Anyway, the real villain shows up next issue and of course it’s Doctor Doom. More fun on the horizon!

Comments: Second story: Part four of six. Reed Richards turned Skrulls into cattle way back in FANTASTIC FOUR #2. For more on Skrull-bovine hybrids entering the food supply see SKRULL KILL KREW (1995).


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A+X #16 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Spider-Man swings across the city, trying to remember the items he needs to pick up from the store, when he hears gunshots coming from a club. He crashes down through the skylight and discovers Psylocke surrounded by sword-wielding men. He joins her in the battle but is shocked to find her torturing a man, demanding “Where is she?” At this point a grenade explodes and when the dust clears, Spidey finds Psylocke seriously injured. He tries to go for help but she begs him to stay; otherwise what she is trying to tell him only confuses him. Then some of the X-Men, Cyclops with Wolverine, Gambit, and Beast, arrive and take her into their care, leaving Spidey to continue his errand but no longer able to recall everything he was supposed to buy….

(No title given) 4/5
Writer: Gerry Duggan. Pencils: David Yardin. Inks: David Yardin, Cam Smith, Norman Lee, Terry Pallot. Colors: Andres Mossa. Letters: Joe Sabino, Clayton Cowles.
Synopsis: On a farm in South Dakota, the mutant Skrulls of Cadre K are aware that their cover company, Bryson’s Bisons, has been exposed. Then the team led by Captain America and Cyclops arrives and they do battle. The Skrull psychic Z’Cann duels with Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos; Emma quickly tells the girls to stand down. The heroes and the Skrulls assemble and Emma reveals that she learned from Z’Cann’s mind that Cadre K are not the bad guys. They have moved to Earth for safety as they are regarded as deviants by their own people. And they also learned that, Reed Richards having turned Skrulls into cattle, Skrull-bovine hybrids have entered the farming stock and they are evolving; Cadre K has made it their mission to rescue any such animals that come on the market while raising bison for meat. Cap agrees to support them in their bid to stay on Earth. And then the LMD breaks down, infected with Dr. Doom’s nanobots, warning them that Doom is coming before it is completely destroyed. Cap gathers the heroes

Story #2

Captain America + Cyclops (Part 4)

Writer: Gerry Duggan. Penciler: David Yardin. Inker: Cam Smith. Inker: Terry Pallot. Inker: Norman Lee. Inker: David Yardin. Colorist: Andres Mossa. Letterer: Clayton Cowles. Letterer: Joe Sabino.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

By None

Goran Parlov
Goran Parlov
Veronica Gandini
Goran Parlov (Cover Penciler)
Goran Parlov (Cover Inker)
Veronica Gandini (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.


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Captain America

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White Queen

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Plus: Cadre K, Psylocke (Betsy Braddock), Stepford Cuckoos.

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