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Captain America #409: Review

Nov 1992
Mark Gruenwald, Rik Levins

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Blood and Diamond

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3.5 stars

Captain America #409 Review by (October 9, 2016)
Comments: “Mountains” isn't enough clue for Cap to search for Diamond though he flies out to the Rockies—the largest mountain range in North America—and starts looking around...but he finds her. It helps to have the scriptwriter on one's side. D-Man's doppelganger is a side effect of THE INFINITY WAR event. The bad Dr. Benway appears only here and in the next issue, where he is apparently killed..

Review: The absurdity of searching the Rocky Mountains aside, this issue did the best it could but the Skeleton Crew are getting quite tiresome by now and I can't wait until they are gone, if not for good, at least for a while. Otherwise the issue isn't bad, in fact it's pretty good but Mark Gruenwald needs to find something new to spice up the stories.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #409 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Dr. Druid conjures up a vision of the missing Diamondback for Captain America and Falcon; she is near mountains so Cap and Falcon have new pilot Zack Moonhunter fly them out to search the Rockies for her....

Meanwhile, in his Rocky Mountain stronghold the Red Skull demands an explanation for all the late-night hubbub and he is shown the dead body of Cutthroat (killed last issue). Meanwhile, Diamond is plotting her escape....

Interlude: in Central Park, Dennis “D-Man” Dunphy is dragged underwater by his deadly doppelganger which vanishes suddenly, leaving Dennis to float unconscious to and underwater cavern....

Mother Night confides in her best friend Machinesmith about her attraction to the late Cutthroat and her discovery that Diamondback is his sister. At a meeting of the Skeleton Crew, the Red Skull gives Crossbones his old job back and issues order concerning the captive Diamond. On visiting Diamond's cell, Mother Night is overpowered by Diamond who dons Night's outfit as a disguise. When Blackwing checks to see what's taking so long, she clobbers him too and flies out on his stolen glider, sending out a mayday that is picked up by Cap and company. Diamond is recaptured and taken to a secret lab where she is to be a guinea pig in a test of Cap's Super-Soldier blood (stolen by her in issue #405). Crossbones and Jack O' Lantern step outside and see...Captain America and the Falcon coming for them....

Rik Levins
Danny Bulanadi
George Roussos
Rik Levins (Cover Penciler)
Danny Bulanadi (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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