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Hulk 2099 #3: Review

Feb 1995
Gerard Jones, Malcolm Davis

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Lotusland Rebellion

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3 stars


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Hulk 2099 #3 Synopsis by Christian Scott
Cybershaman has Hollywood in his control. Even tribes have formed to worship him! But the Hulk and his force of rebels are fighting for the truth and stand against Draco. The street tribe has prisoners of the corporates and freed them. But the force has taken over the police and has turned them against the tribe. Even Quirk has taken part in the tribe. After a huge meltdown of power at HQ, the gang gets a news flash about the tribe being attacked by the insane police. They also find from the news flash that the tribe got away. But they also found that the tribe has what they want: Weapons and attitude.

The Hulk knows that Quirk had been there for the Hulk when he needed it, now he goes out to help Quirk. The gang then concludes to get the tribe and Cybershaman on their side to defeat Draco. The Hulk sets out to find the tribe. While this is happening, Quirk has turned against the tribe by stealing the sacred spear of the shaman. She now is running for her life and hiding in dark places to get away. But she decides to use the weapon, accidentally on the Hulk! But the Hulk doesn't get angry, he knows he owes her. He was just in time, because the tribe was on the way to kill her.

When the tribe sees the Hulk, they all go in awe and call him the "Liberator", the man who defeated Draco and freed Lotusland. The Leader is now an ally of Draco, but begins to think of the Cybershaman as a real threat and should be brought down or else everything will collapse around them. The tribe has joined forces with the Hulk gang and is going over the circumstances of who has Quirk. But when the tribe and gang meet, Zamora is very surprised and glad to see Quirk. Quirk says she knew a lot about him and should get together. While they are talking, the CyberShaman comes in to see the alliances meet. Then the Hulk gets to know the Shaman a little and sees his true power. He witnesses the Shaman shutting down the city, injuring many police droids and people in the process. After this happens, the Hulk has to make a very big decision: Oppose the uprising and let Lotusland and himself be destroyed or take command of a world of chaos!

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Malcolm Davis
Chris Ivy


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