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Hulk 2099 #4: Review

Mar 1995
Gerard Jones, Malcolm Davis

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Mindless Action

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3 stars


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Hulk 2099 #4 Synopsis by Christian Scott
The Hulk is back in control of the Shaman's tribe. He leads the way to destruction of all police force and anyone getting in their way. Now the Shaman continues to encourage Hulk that by becoming their leader, he can have even more power of destruction. But Hulk wants out, and Quirk wants him in. But before the Hulk leaves, he discovers that the Shaman hurt Zamora. When the Shaman was shutting down the city, Zamora's chair conked and injured him. Now the Hulk wants revenge and sets out to kill the tribe.

The tribe is surprised and all call for the Shaman's help. But the Shaman will not show himself and continues the fight, even killing innocent lives in Lotusland. The Hulk gets even angrier and now wants to KILL and DESTROY the tribe and Cybershaman. Even though the Hulk wants the Shaman dead, he still tries to find Draco in blame that he is an ally of the Shaman. Finally Draco shows himself and tells the Hulk he also wants the Shaman dead. So the Hulk leaves him alone, and sets out yet again to find the Shaman.

The Hulk even goes to other towns, leaving trails of destruction in order to find the Shaman. When scouting one town, he finds some believers of the Cybershaman, but ignores their cries. He even bumps into robotic protectors of the Shaman, but the Hulk can't be stopped. He finally defeats the Shaman, but thinks about how things will come back together. Draco will want control, and the corps-people will come back to work. When the Hulk comes home, the gang thanks him with smiles and love, but the Hulk is just relieved it's finally over. But a new villain is coming, and he wants the Hulk's power for his own!

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Malcolm Davis
Chris Ivy


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