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Hulk 2099 #8: Review

Jul 1995
Gerard Jones, Malcolm Davis

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What Goes Up...

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3 stars


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Hulk 2099 #8 Synopsis by Christian Scott
The Hulk and Apollo are trapped in a flying debris of building. The Hulk is trying to figure out how to get out of the doomed shuttle, but Apollo is freaking out. What makes the situation a lot worse is that Quirk and the gang are being attacked by vicious robots. They are the Hulk and Apollo's only hope to live. Guess who's behind the whole thing... Draco!

Now the gang is ticked off and starting to muster all the weapons and stuff that can actually help. But Keisha has other plans, but being taken to Draco for some unknown reason. Apollo has finally got it together and started working on the engine. The Hulk is busy trying to decide to jump or pray. Now the Hulk is sensing danger when he starts to see stars, in the middle of the day. Quirk is in huge trouble with a bunch of robots onto her. When she thinks her savior, the Hulk, is here, it turns out to be a nightmare when she finds Draco instead! Draco decides to attack and hold down Quirk. The Hulk and Apollo are out of time and are deciding to kill the power system. Unfortunatley, Apollo disagrees, but too late! The Hulk trashed it and now are going into a free fall. Will they have enough time to fix it?

The gang has problems of their own. With Quirk captured and Keisha nowhere to be found, it's up to Zamora to save the day! Now he's calling for back-up. With the power system dead, the Hulk and Apollo start to argue, but finally agree to settle down and start fixing. Now Zamora is caught, and their is no hope for the Hulk and Apollo. They start to land, directly on Draco. But in the end, they land and are relieved they are alive. Now it's a head to head battle against Draco, and Draco disappears. Quirk is mad at the Hulk and just keeps walking.

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Malcolm Davis
Chris Ivy


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Plus: Apollo.

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