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Hulk 2099 #7: Review

Jun 1995
Gerard Jones, Joe Bennett

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Metal Guys Make Me Nervous

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3 stars

Hulk 2099 #7 Review by (February 15, 2010)
First appearance of Doom 2099 in this title. Back cover features a hilarious ad for Chef Boyardee X-Men pasta.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk 2099 #7 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Doctor Doom has become the President of the United States and calls on the support of the entertainment industry to make America great again. At Lotusland Entertainment, the staff is divided on how to respond to this threat to free speech: Zamora suggests going with Quirk’s suggestion of a documentary on Rosa Palumbo, a consumer activist who was murdered by evil corporations. John (Hulk) Eisenhart thinks that a low-key persuasive campaign would be too slow; Keisha suggests Dr. Apolonio’s gamma-tech mind control. John throws himself into the task of finding distributors who will handle their anti-Doom programs to take his mind off Quirk’s growing romance with Zamora. Doom launches Environmental Maintenance Platforms (EMPs) into the skies to control the weather. When John sees one over LA, he suspects it’s some sort of government spy device and becomes the Hulk, leaping to the EMP and destroying it. Hulk returns to Lotusland and sees Quirk and Zamora in each other’s arms, and is torn between his John and Hulk reactions and leaves in confusion. Hulk’s attack on the EMP, however, provided a distraction for Draco to launch probes to seize control of the platforms. Draco then uses the weather-control device to cover LA with deadly heat and smog, and Doom is unable to regain control. Hulk takes an unwilling Dr. Apolonio to the top of an EMP to try to hack into their system and end the threat but Draco remotely triggers the platform’s propulsion device, sending the EMP with Hulk and Apolonio far into the skies.

Meanwhile, with the Hulk out of the way, Draco’s forces break into Lotusland to take over.

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Joe Bennett
Chris Ivy
Ben Sean

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