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Hulk 2099 #9: Review

Aug 1995
Gerard Jones, Joe Bennett

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As The Faces of Men

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3 stars

Hulk 2099 #9 Review by (February 15, 2010)
As the cover promises, “Doom meets Hulk 2099 A.D” but, unlike the cover picture, they don’t meet face to face but speak briefly via a viewscreen.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk 2099 #9 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
On the mean streets of a decayed Hollywood, aspiring actress Marian has fallen in with the Locusts, a predatory street gang, and is summoned to meet their leader, Lord Adonai, a dead ringer for Hulk. Adonai demands to know her connection to the Hulk but Marian does not want to reveal that the Hulk is her brother, John Eisenhart. At Lotusland, the studio executives and Hulk have been summoned to a meeting with President Doom via a viewscreen. Zamora suggests allying with Doom for support against Draco, as the lesser of two evils. Hulk’s opinion: “sometimes when you’re facing two evils, what you gotta do is fight ‘em both!” Dr. Apolonia offers Doom his gamma-ray mind control device, which so outrages Hulk that he starts battling Doom’s soldiers. Doom orders the studio fired upon, with further threats, so Hulk walks out leaving Zamora to his “lesser evil.”

Changing back to John, he wonders what became of Quirk. Elsewhere, we find her recruiting Kwame to help her build a rebel army to take on Doom. Meanwhile, Dr. Phil tries to make a deal with Draco, but the cyborg prefers to torture out of the hapless psychiatrist the information that the Hulk is really John Eisenhart. Marian escapes from Adonai and the Locusts and manages to get a message to John calling for help before she is captured. John’s immediate reaction is to turn into the Hulk and rescue her but he decides that Doom is the greater threat and heads back to Lotusland as John. There, Zamora is regretting his decision to compromise with Doom, while Keisha jockeys for dominance. John walks in, pledges the company’s support to Doom and shoots Zamora.

Meanwhile Draco is presiding over his latest experiment, the only creature guaranteed to be able to destroy the Hulk: the Anti-Hulk!

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Joe Bennett
Chris Ivy
Tom Smith


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