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Hulk 2099 #6: Review

May 1995
Gerard Jones, Malcolm Davis

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... And He Is Us!

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3 stars


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Hulk 2099 #6 Synopsis by Christian Scott
When the Hulk rampages in the city after a distrust disorder, Quirk, Zamora, and Keisha make it their responsibility to control him. Now they are desperate by bribing him with unknown power. But the Hulk refuses in fear they are trapping him. The Hulk makes an exception for Quirk, who wants to go with Hulk across America. But the Hulk only wants Quirk, again in fear Zamora or Keisha will trick him. Zamora and Keisha went after them, and tracked down the Hulk's destruction and cornered him in Lotusland. Zamora used every bit of attack he had, but nothing could stop the Hulk. But they did confuse him with an artist's mind of peace. Quirk was caught in the middle of the action, and kept screaming to get out. Finally, Keisha has an idea by threatening to kill Quirk. The Hulk didn't like Quirk dead, so said to take her. After that, he found out that he was being mind-controlled by Doctor Apollo. Apollo said to increase his own power to critical mass to stop the Hulk. But the attempt didn't work, and the Hulk set off again. But now the Hulk faces a problem of getting John Eisenhart out of him to calculate and plan another attack.

While this is happening, Apollo has other problems. He let out so much radiation, it turned Quirk and the gang into radiated freaks. Keisha is now very powerful, and Quirk is something out of a horror novel. When Keisha was about to kill Quirk, Eisenhart comes out of nowhere and starts fighting Apollo. Finally after Apollo grows weak from a huge blast of radiation, he calms down and tells dazed Quirk the whole story. And just like that, Apollo apologizes to the gang and surrenders. But Eisenhart still has to fight the Hulk, and what destruction he may bring.

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Malcolm Davis
Chris Ivy


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