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Incredible Hulk #118: Review

Aug 1969
Stan Lee, Herb Trimpe

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A Clash of Titans

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3 stars

Incredible Hulk #118 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Namor acknowledges the Hulk's might by saying: "No one has ever broken through my whirlpool trap before!"


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Incredible Hulk #118 Synopsis by Richie Wevill
After his fight against the Leader, Bruce Banner is found floating on the sea, unconscious, by a woman from Atlantis named Lady Dorma. She takes pity on Bruce and brings him below the sea to Atlantis in order to heal him. She believes that if Bruce is of any importance on the surface world (land), healing him may put them in her debt, thus making peace between the two worlds.

After returning to her palace underneath the sea, her guards help Bruce into her chamber. Dorma reveals that she is in love with the prince of Atlantis, the Sub-Mariner (AKA Namor). However, little does she know that as she helps Banner, she is being watched by Mistress Fara, also in love with the Sub-Mariner. Jealous of Dorma, she falsly states to the Sub-Mariner (who loathes the surface dwellers, humans) that the woman he loves is plotting against him along with a human.

Sub-Mariner believes Fara's words, and proceeds to Dorma's chamber where he demands to see the human she is with. Lady Dorma tries to explain but Namor keeps interrupting her.

Meanwhile, Bruce wakes up confused and believing he is in danger, turns into the Hulk. After finding the Sub-Mariner, the fight between the two begins.

Hulk starts it off by clapping his powerful hands underwater, creating a shockwave which knocks Dorma's house down, knocking her out in the process. Namor tries to hit the Hulk with a piece of the fallen down house. But the Hulk simply jumps through it with no damage befalling him. Hulk gets too confident until Namor turns the fight around by trapping the Hulk in a whirlpool. However, the Hulk manages to break out of the whirlpool and the two are both grappling each other.

Meanwhile, Fara watches the battle and gets the idea to kill Dorma while she lies unconscious. Just as Namor notices Fara is about to kill Dorma, the Hulk punches him righ into a standing wall amongst the wreckage of Dorma's house. The wall falls right onto Dorma and Fara! Namor swims down and removes the wreckage from above Dorma. It turns out the impact was taken by Fara who was standing just above Dorma when the wall fell.

Hulk in the meantime, has leaped right at the Sub-Mariner from a distance. Namor has just promised Dorma that the Hulk will pay, however Dorma spots the Hulk coming and warns Namor. Namor starts to swim at the Hulk and they collide with the force to create humoungous waves. Namor is hurled way through the sea. The Hulk is aso thrown way out of the sea and lands on a nearby land. The Sub-Mariner recovers and decides to look for the Hulk in case he comes back to Atlantis. However, all the prince of Atlantis finds is an unconscious Bruce Banner. Slowly, Namor turns and walks back into the sea.

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Herb Trimpe
Herb Trimpe
Herb Trimpe (Cover Penciler)


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