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Incredible Hulk #113: Review

Mar 1969
Stan Lee, Herb Trimpe

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Where Falls The Shifting Sands?

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5 stars

Incredible Hulk #113 Review by (February 15, 2010)
First appearance of the Sandman in a Hulk comic. Hulk refers to Betty Ross as Betty BRANT (?) the secretary at the Daily Bugle also the Sandman is depicted as more intelligent than his character is usually written


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Incredible Hulk #113 Synopsis by Mark Heldens
Bruce Banner returns to Earth aboard a rocket. He is in mortal danger because of the intense presure inside the cabin. The ship was designed to transport the Hulk and it was as the Hulk he began his voyage. Banner can't breathe and attempts to save himself by causing the ship's fuel (gamma energy) to flood the cabin. Banner passes out as he reaches the control but he is successful and the Hulk rises amid the swirling forces.

On Earth, a mysterious figure buys a paper. It is the Sandman and he learns of an experimental space-warp ship being tested soon. With this ship he could return to the Negative Zone to retrieve his former ally, Blastaar. Then he can get revenge on the Fantastic Four for his last defeat (shown in flashbacks). All he needs to do is steal the ship located at an air force base commanded by General Thunderbolt Ross.

Meanwhile, his worried daughter Betty Ross is driving there to learn the fate of Bruce Banner. The Hulk lands on Earth near the same air force base, and destroys the alien rocket so no one can send him away again.

Tired from his trip, the Hulk lays down to rest only to be attacked by the Sandman who wants the Hulk to serve him in his plans. The Hulk refuses and throws a boulder weighting several tons at Sandman, who shatters it with an oversized hand.

Sandman then transforms into a giant roller attacking the Hulk. The Hulk smashes through him and wants to continue fighting, but Sandman stops saying the Hulk has proven himself an equal. He tricks the Hulk into helping him attack their enemies at the base.

While the Hulk tears into the artillery batteries and wreaks havoc, the Sandman uses the distraction to sneak around until he finds the hangar where the ship is kept. Knocking out the guards, he smashes down the door and hauls away the ship on a flatbed truck. He flees at top speed just as Betty arrives. The Hulk sees that Sandman won't stop for Betty and throws himself at the truck, knocking the ship to the ground and destroying the truck.

The Sandman begins fighting and is thrown into the air when the Hulk tears up the ground. As the Sandman falls, he changes to a block of granite and is punched by the Hulk's fists. Reforming himself, he presses a button on his belt becoming a sandstorm. The Hulk slams his hands together and forces the Sandman to change his method of attack once again.

Caught in a living sand trap, the Hulk jumps at Sandman and uses a large piece of metal as a fan, creating hurricane-like winds, scattering the Sandman far enough to keep him from reforming immediately.

The Hulk sees people rushing toward him in the middle of the wreckage. Betty and the General know that the Hulk saved the base and wanted to thank him. But he leaps away before they can get close.

At the edge of the woods, Sandman stands in the shadows, swearing the Hulk will soon die...

Also in this story (in flashbacks): Triton.

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Herb Trimpe
Dan Adkins
Herb Trimpe (Cover Penciler)


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Betty Ross

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Thunderbolt Ross

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