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Incredible Hulks #635: Review

Oct 2011
Greg Pak, Paul Pelletier

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Heart of the Monster Part Six

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5 stars

Incredible Hulks #635 Review by (October 15, 2018)

Review: And Tyrannus turns out to be the least of our heroes' worries! Taking it even one step beyond the apocalyptic previous issue, Greg Pak, aided and abetted by Paul Pelletier and Danny Miki, ends his run on an epic high note, Yeah, we frequently get these “what is the Hulk all about?” tales from various writers but this one feels the firmest. And there's a happy ending, which Amadeus never expected.

Comments: Final issue of series. Issue includes an afterword by Greg Pak, dedicated to Bill Mantlo, and a five-page interview with Pak plus a cover gallery.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulks #635 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Bruce and Betty/Hulk and Red She-Hulk, locked in endless combat in a world of their own. Happily ever after? Perhaps. But Doctor Strange has to know: his astral form meets Bruce Banner's astral form and Strange asks if Bruce is happy; Bruce doesn't know but he is sure that Hulk and Red are. He asks Strange to rescue Amadeus Cho and Dr Sofia Di Cosimo from their endless cycle of death and resurrection, though. Bruce starts to fade as the Hulk no longer needs him....

Dr Strange returns to Earth to battle Monica Rappaccini who he thinks betrayed him by not bringing her wish machine to the Dark Dimension; Rick Jones has to stop him. Monica kept the machine back because it is the only defense against the Hulk when he returns (he always returns). Amadeus and Sofia return through the portal burned by Fin Fang Foom...

...who is busily engorging himself with gamma bombs. Tyrannus intends to conquer America and no one can stop him: no one has the wishing energy big enough to take down the energized dragon and they aren't going to bring Hulk back to do it. So Jen Walters and Rick Jones go out to the desert and absorb the gamma radiation, turning them back into She-Hulk and A-Bomb (Bruce had wished them cured in issue #632) and they take on FFF. Monica wishes Jen, Rick, and FFF into the Dark Dimension. Umar calls Hulk and Red's attention to them and they attack, absorbing all of the gamma radiation, turning temporarily into near-cosmic beings. Sofia must inform Hulk that they are now on Earth, Jen and Rick have gone insane with gamma power, and only Hulk can make the wish to stop it all. He does. Everything goes back to normal, everyone is at Gammaworld, Jen and Rick have the ability to change into their other form at will—but nothing has changed for Hulk. Red steps forward and makes her final wish...and nothing happens. She wished for Bruce to get what he wanted, not the Hulk. Tyrannus, being led away be the authorities, reminds her that they are not different people. Hulk bursts into rage then turns into Banner, who says “Yeah. You got me” and takes his leave....

Epilogue: A bratty kid is causing trouble at a diner and the father apologizes to the guy at the next booth, saying she's in a crazy mood; Bruce replies, “We've all been there.”

Preview Pages
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Paul Pelletier
Danny Miki
Morry Hollowell
Paul Pelletier (Cover Penciler)
Danny Miki (Cover Inker)
Val Staples (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Simon Bowland.


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Bruce Banner)
Red She-Hulk
Red She-Hulk

(Betty Ross)

(Jennifer Walters)

Plus: Mastermind Excello (Amadeus Cho), Monica Rappaccini, Sofia Di Cosimo, Umar.

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