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Incredible Hulks #625: Review

May 2011
Greg Pak, Dale Eaglesham

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Planet Savage Conclusion

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3 stars

Incredible Hulks #625 Review by (July 24, 2018)

Review: The story goes full David Cronenberg as the icky bugs and the grisly violation of Hulk's body combine to make this issue hard to stomach! Still, the art and writing are good—too good at times—but hard to take. Hope something better is coming up. A James Bond parody? I can live with that.

Comments: Morry Hollowell and Frank Martin are co-credited as colorists.



Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulks #625 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Ka-Zar, Skaar, and the Warbound (Korg, Elloe Kaifi, Brood) want to follow after the abducted Hulk (see last issue) but the Sakaarian village is under attack by Miek's buggy minions so they go to the rescue. Then the brainwashed Hulk appears, bearing a sword and riding a ghastly worm. The heroes try to snap him out of the spell while protecting themselves and the villagers when suddenly Hulk stops. Miek explains that he, sole survivor of his race, changed genders to bear young but they did not survive. He fed them on Sakaarians but they still died...until he gave them the Hulk. And that is why he needs their help but Hulk snaps out of his trance and hurls Miek into a volcano and begins to destroy the larvae planted within him—but he is stopped by Skaar, who sympathizes with the little creatures, offering his own flesh for them to feed on. Miek wants to kill Hulk but Skaar won't let him so Hulk punches Miek through the volcano and all the way to the frozen areas where he tosses Miek into a crevice as the bug mocks Hulk for not being able to help being a monster. Skaar and the Warbound decide to stay in the Savage Land as protectors to the bugs and the Sakaarians. Hulk leaves because the place is for savages, not monsters....

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Dale Eaglesham
Drew Hennessy
Morry Hollowell
Dale Eaglesham (Cover Penciler)
Drew Hennessy (Cover Inker)
Dean White (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Simon Bowland.


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(Bruce Banner)

Plus: Brood, Elloe Kaifi, Miek.

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