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Incredible Hulks #621: Review

Jan 2011
Greg Pak, Paul Pelletier

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God Smash Part One

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2.5 stars


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Incredible Hulks #621 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
This story continues from the events in Chaos War #5 (the conclusion).

Destroyed planet Earth is restored; people wake up harmless. They see the Hulks and freak out. The Red She-Hulk (AKA Betty Ross) concludes she and the group of Gamma spawned monsters do not belong there.

Meanwhile, in Montauk, New York, those who wake up see Zeus and a group of flying horses as a new mountain appears in that area. It is Olympus. 

Bruce Banner shows up, crosses over to the mountain, and finds Hercules. The Demi-God, while having the power of the All-Father, and with the help of Amadeus Cho, defeated the Chaos King, repaired the universe, restored Olympus, and saved billions of lives in the process.

Banner practically begs Hercules to heal A-Bomb, make the Red She-Hulk sane, and find a place Skaar and Korg could belong to. But Hercules explains Banner that he no longer is all powerful. Yet if what Banner is requesting did not happen, it was for the best. 

Zeus is the All-Father now, so Banner decides to go to him. Hercules tries to stop him, but Banner is determined. He asks Hercules to hit him hard, which triggers the transformation into the Hulk.

On his way to Zeus, the Hulk is faced by Poseidon who using the power of the waters. throws the Hulk into a forest. Then Artemis the Hunter attacks him with arrows, but after tossing her strong wolves around, the Hulk proceeds his way climbing the mountain. Boreas with his frozen breath and mighty Apollo with his fire, cannot stop the Hulk either. 

Many more come to halt the Hulk: Medusas, Odysseus, Prometheus, Centaurs. But they cannot prevail against the marvelous green skin mortal.

So finally, the Hulk reaches the house of Zeus. The All-Father recognizes the power and bravery of the Hulk, but also his arrogance and spunk, which aren't of his liking. So Zeus blasts the Hulk with a powerful lightning that knock off our hero.

Story #2

A Quiet Night

Writer: Joshua Williamson. Penciler: Sana Takeda. Inker: Sana Takeda. Colorist: Sana Takeda.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

This story takes place a few years after the accidental Gamma bomb detonation, which made Bruce Banner turn into the incredible Hulk turn into the incredible Hulk.

Wanting to find a peaceful and quiet place, Banner decided to take a trip to Russia. While at a bar, he overhears the old bartender tell a group of youth tourists about a demon called Chernobog who feeds on people to return to his former glory. The youths laugh at the old man, and leave. Banner leaves a little later.

As he is walking down the street, which is full of snow, Banner sees Chernobog hurting the young tourists. Banner turns into the Hulk and fights the demon. Recognizing how powerful the Hulk is, Chernobog starts siphoning his strength, but this hurts him. The demon mentions his weak is host and must return to him.

Banner discovers that Chernobog was referring about the old bartender. He has a lamp with which he summons Chernobog. Banner destroys the lamp and takes off.

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Paul Pelletier
Crimelab Studios
Paul Mounts
Carlo Pagulayan (Cover Penciler)


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Bruce Banner)
Red She-Hulk
Red She-Hulk

(Betty Ross)

Plus: Apollo, Artemis, Boreas, Centaur, Chernobog, Odysseus, Poseidon, Prometheus.

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