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Incredible Hulks #618: Review

Dec 2010
Greg Pak, Paul Pelletier

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4 stars

Incredible Hulks #618 Review by (June 15, 2014)
This story is part of the Chaos War mega event that started on October 2009 (with Chaos War #1). The event includes three Hulk comics in total.


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Incredible Hulks #618 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Still in space, and on board of the Sakaarsian spaceship, the Hulk and his team "family" (his son Skaar, the Red-She Hulk - AKA Betty Ross, the She-Hulk - AKA Jen Walters, A-Bomb AKA Rick Jones, and Korg), are visited by Doctor Strange in astral form. 

The Master of the Mystic Arts lets them know that a powerful villain called the Chaos King has used Nightmare's power to put all humans in a waking sleep state, has banished Death itself, and has released demons in the world. This has caused great destruction all over the place, but nobody is dead, since no one can die. 

Hulk orders his ship to fly to New York, where they find Lyra, unconcious and hurt, but now out of harms way. It's when the Abomination appears along a great number of demons. The Abomination is stronger than ever; even the might of the Hulk seems ridiculous against the villain's new strength level. 

Abomination is after Marlo Chandler Jones, Rick's wife. Marlo died once, and was revived. Abomination plans to retrieve her "spark of death" to somehow cause the death of millions. The villain then proves just how strong he is by easily breaking A-Bomb's chest shell, which so far had proven to be totally unbreakable. 

Doc Strange rescues A-Bomb, and the Hulks from the Abomination's grasp, and when later A-Bomb reveals to the group that Marlo is in Phoenix, Doc Strange turns into Zom, the demon, causing havoc.

Story #2

How I Became the Bomb

Writer: Jeff Parker. Penciler: Yacine Elghorri. Colorist: Yacine Elghorri.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

A man that has explosives INSIDE of him, hijacks a tower in the Los Angeles airport. Police do not know what to do. Bruce Banner sends the A-Bomb (AKA Rick Jones) to handle the situation.

In the meantime, Banner tries to create a file on Rick, and discovers that Rick has already done it. 

As A-Bomb gets to the terrorist using camouflage, and takes him away where his explosion cannot hurt anyone, Banner goes through Rick's file. He explains that it is guilt, not anger like in his case, what triggers Rick's change: The guilt of causing Banner to turn into the Hulk when Banner risked his life to save Rick's from the detonation of the first Gamma bomb.

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Paul Pelletier
Danny Miki
Paul Mounts
Mark Brooks (Cover Penciler)


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

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Red She-Hulk

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Plus: Marlo Chandler, Zom.

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