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Incredible Hulks #613: Review

Oct 2010
Scott Reed, Brian Ching

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Dark Son Chapter Three K'ai

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3 stars


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Incredible Hulks #613 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
The Worldmind buries Hiro-Kala, yet attempts to reason with the son of the Hulk (the first savior of K'ai). Hiro should understand that the Old Power is not a force that could destroy the universe, and thus needs to be vanished. All the contrary.

Hiro is almost convinced by the Worldmind, but ends up killing his own servants to turn them into an army of zombies, who he sends away in spaceships across the cosmos to find the Old Power, and destroy it. The fleet aproaches planet Earth.

Story #2

Dark Son Chapter Three Earth

Writer: Greg Pak. Penciler: Tom Raney. Inker: Scott Hanna. Colorist: John Rauch.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hiro-Kala, wielding the Old Power and the Worldming Energies, approaches the Earth on a meteorite, along with his fleet of Zombie K'aitians, and planet K'ai itself. 

Skaar feels Hiro-Kala's presence, learning that he has got a brother... Meanwhile, the Hulk and the Red She-Hulk literally fight over their differences.

While that's happening, Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Amadeus Cho, and the Beast discover that the Solar System has a new planet (K'ai). Cho provides Captain America intel, and using a hologram presence, invites the Hulk to lead a research team about the newly found K'ai planet. 

But Skaar tells his dad to decline, which he does in a very Hulkish way (destroying the spaceship offered by Cap). 

Captain America tries recruiting A-Bomb (Rick Jones, former Cap's sidekick), but he also declines. 

When the patrotic super soldier leaves, Skaar tells the Hulk about Hiro-Kala. Learning he has a new son brings tears into the Hulk's eyes, but also anger since Hiro-Kala is a true and terrible monster.

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Brian Ching
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Plus: Hiro-Kala.

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