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Incredible Hulks #612: Review

Sep 2010
Scott Reed, Tom Raney

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Dark Son Chapter One Earth

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2 stars


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Incredible Hulks #612 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Bruce Banner and his "family": Skaar, Lyra, A-Bomb, Korg, the She-Hulk, and Betty Ross, are hidden from the public. They hear on the news that the government would like to give Banner, and his son Skaar, an award for their recent heroic envolvement in saving the world. Nonetheless, they'd like to stay low.

Banner approaches Betty; he asks her to become a couple again. He has her wedding ring, and offers to place it in her finger. 

But Betty complains about Bruce marrying Caiera in Sakaar. She states that they're no longer married since legally, she was pronounced dead, Finally, she turns into the Red She-Hulk, screaming that she wants to be left alone, and leaps away. 

Banner follows her, protected by his Bannertech shield, but gets beaten hard by the Red She-Hulk. He finally turns into the Hulk, who gets punched in the face hard, before Shulka leaps off once again.

Story #2

Dark Son Chapter Two K'ai

Writer: Greg Pak. Writer: Scott Reed. Penciler: Brian Ching. Inker: Victor Olazaba.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Planet K'ai drifts into space, getting colder since there are no nearby stars. 

Most in K'ai rever Hiro-Kala, son of Hulk, brother of Skaar, as their savior. But a group insurrents, sided with the Axeman, attacks Hiro-Kala. The attack is fruitless, and the Axeman tells Hiro-Kala he will no longer be attacked.

Hiro-Kala goes to the Worldmind, which received his Old Power in exchange for the Worldmind Energies. Hiro-Kala feels his power fading, and demands energy. 

While at it, the Worldmind shows Hiro-Kala how he came to be, how his mother Caiera protected him with her Old Power so he would not die. An Old Power that saved him, yet Hiro-Kala so desperately wants to destroy. 

Still, Hiro-Kala is determined to destroy it, and reveals how he lend planet Gaiusar to Galactus. Billions died.

Hiro-Kala then alters K' ai so lava craters begin appearing in the planet. These will keep people warm, saving them.

But the Worldmind now sees Hiro-Kala as evil, and attacks him with its War Mind warriors.

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Tom Raney
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Betty Ross
Betty Ross

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Bruce Banner

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Red She-Hulk

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