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Journey Into Mystery #649: Review

Feb 2013
Kathryn Immonen, Valerio Schiti

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Stronger Than Monsters, Part 4 of 5

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4 stars

Journey Into Mystery #649 Review by (March 17, 2014)
Review: We start with a cover that resembles Ant-Man’s worst nightmare and continues inside where our bloodlusty heroine takes on the obnoxious Spider-Man and a raft of Lee-Kirby giant monsters. A nice use of the title’s earliest (and often embarrassingly silly) history brings back some fond memories of my childhood. Anyway, the episode is a lot of fun even the guy who regrets attempting suicide once the spider-men are through with him.

Comments: All the guest monsters are from the early (pre-Thor) JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY: Rorgg, King of Spider-Men from #64, Gomdulla from #61, Emperor of Mars from #52, Spragg from #68, Gigantus from #63, Rro from #58. Iron Man appears only as a voice on the other end of Photon’s comm link.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Journey Into Mystery #649 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Sif and her three berserker buddies have been dropped into the middle of Manhattan and the Superior Spider-Man is not amused. She convinces them not to slay Spider-Ock but the other monsters infesting Earth are fair game. Spidey flirts with her as she slashes her way through a host of spider-men (six-armed freaks) led by their king, Rorgg, and sends the web-slinger off….

In Egypt, Gomdullah the Living Pharaoh strikes. In space, Photon clobbers the King of Mars, as she tries to repair an Avengers satellite. In California, homecoming queen Patsy Walker dons her Hellcat duds to put a halt to Spragg. At sea, Namor punches out the scaly Gigantus. In downtown Tokyo, no one bats an eye at the sudden appearance of Rro.

As the police try to sort things out in NY, Sif persuades her violent companions to leave Midgard alone and return to Asgardia where they are needed. Discovering that Broxton is too far away to drive to, she phones that town and has them deliver a message to Heimdall. Her brother opens the Rainbow Bridge and soon Sif and the berzerkers are met by Heimdall…so she swings her sword and knocks off his head…

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Valerio Schiti
Valerio Schiti
Jordie Bellaire
Jeff Dekal (Cover Penciler)
Jeff Dekal (Cover Inker)
Jeff Dekal (Cover Colorist)


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(Patsy Walker)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

Plus: Photon (Monica Rambeau), Spider-Man (Otto Octavius).

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