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Journey Into Mystery #652: Review

May 2013
Kathryn Immonen, Valerio Schiti

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Seeds of Destruction

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5 stars

Journey Into Mystery #652 Review by (April 15, 2014)
Review: Thoroughly enjoyed this issue; yeah, Sif is a bit more of a tomboy than she started out as but that’s what makes her endearing. Whether bored by a garden or helpless as a nurse or even simply misunderstanding Earth ways, she is a joy to watch. And now her ex Beta Ray Bill comes onto the scene…. This should be good.

Comments: Quirky cameo: Jane Foster’s office has a poster of Captain America saying “I want you to eat right and exercise.” We’re also told Cap was in charge of catering for the space station so it’s all K-rations. Meanwhile, Sif and Jane agree that Thor is a vegetable; it doesn’t pass the Bechdel Test but it’s fun.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Journey Into Mystery #652 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
A disgruntled Sif is helping the All-Mother Gaea tend to her large garden in Asgardia. Suddenly Gaea is struck down by a mysterious malady. Over the next few days, no one can help her or even diagnose the sickness. Sif goes to Broxton with Freyja and Idunn to consult Dr. Jane Foster. Jane ponders the problem and advises them to observe both Gaea and her garden; she refers them to the garden’s builder, Tony Stark (his firm rebuilt Asgardia after the devastation of FEAR ITSELF). The garden is then enclosed in a bubble, and sent out to the Avengers’ deep space monitoring station, with Sif taking Gaea along to see her to her new home. Alone, Sif is a bit bored but while fiddling with the radio she picks up a distress signal. It is Beta Ray Bill in Skuttlebutt pursuing a strange craft—and Bill says that he is chasing his girlfriend. Suddenly the alien ship crashes into Skuttlebutt and they both hit the space station….

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Valerio Schiti
Valerio Schiti
Jordie Bellaire
Jeff Dekal (Cover Penciler)
Jeff Dekal (Cover Inker)
Jeff Dekal (Cover Colorist)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

Plus: All-Mother (Freyja, Gaia, Idunn), Skuttlebutt.

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